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Corny and la red connect the dots across channels with Skai’s Amazon Attribution integration for Facebook Ads


Corny, in partnership with its agency la red, aimed to drive discovery of its muesli snack bars on Facebook while driving sales through Amazon. Before working with Skai, when it came to managing Facebook campaigns that drove traffic to Amazon, the team was limited to viewing the Amazon Attribution data separately from the Facebook data. This made it challenging to make informed optimization decisions to impact sales on Amazon and created additional time spent jumping between platforms to gather insights. la red was looking for a more efficient solution to meaningfully measure and correlate the impact the Facebook ads were making on Corny’s Amazon sales and to draw insights on how the audiences and creative can be optimized to improve performance using a test-and-learn strategy.


Skai’s Amazon Attribution tool unlocked the visibility the la red team needed to optimize Facebook ads for Amazon sales in a way they had never been able to do before. They were finally able to view Facebook performance data alongside Amazon Attribution data, allowing them to garner unique and strategic insights. They used the Analysis Grid to slice and dice this new data alongside Facebook performance metrics—down to the most granular levels—which allowed them to better understand how Facebook audiences and creative were directly impacting sales on Amazon. These insights were then used to fuel more informed tests using Skai’s Experiments tool, allowing them to assess hypotheses about audiences and creative strategy. By visualizing the data side by side in a unified platform, they gained the flexibility and insights needed to drive better performance, increase sales, and be more strategic about their testing, all while saving time and improving workflow efficiencies.


Working with Skai, la red was able to cut time spent on campaign setup and management in half, leading to greater efficiencies and improved campaign results.

“Skai’s Amazon Attribution integration helped us close the loop, surfacing actionable cross-channel insights that drove our Facebook-to-Amazon strategy.”

Christian Passarge, Digital and E-Commerce Manager, Schwartau, Parent Company of Corny

Performance Data


higher efficiency

“Skai’s Amazon Attribution enabled granular measurement and optimization of social ads based on sales data. Linking the data led to more efficient campaign handling, optimization and more effective campaign results.“

Christin (Tine) Schaffarzick, Media Director, la red

About Corny

The first Corny bar was manufactured in 1984, and at that time, no comparable product existed anywhere else in Europe. Since then, the production of high-quality muesli bars has determined their self-image as a market leader and brand manufacturer, so much so that Corny has become the best-known cereal bar in all of Germany and Europe. Corny holds the lead as the number one cereal bar in Germany, with more than 60% market share in one of the most competitive FMCG markets worldwide, and is also the market leader in Cereal Bars in more than 20 European markets. The company goal is to continuously offer its customers delicious innovations and high-quality products.

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About la red

La red is a 100% owner managed, multi-awarded agency for digital communication, located in Berlin and Hamburg. By collecting and analyzing valuable data, they can learn about consumers’ needs and improve their brand’s marketing activities continuously and to a perfect fit. To do that, la red has gathered a team of experts in strategy, creativity, media, data, and production. Their digital experts realize communication for every step of the sales funnel: from highly creative multi-asset brand and product campaigns, to performance measures, compelling AlwaysOn communications, and first-party-data CRM with a high brand fit.

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