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Epitaph improves paid search performance and informs future strategy for Wurth with Skai’s Experiments


Industrial parts supplier Wurth Canada, in partnership with its agency Epitaph Group, wanted to understand how they could leverage Dynamic Search Ads to drive incremental conversion value and traffic, compared to just running keyword searches. They wanted to increase conversions and lower cost-per-conversion by utilizing Dynamic Search Ads within each of their campaigns and were interested in using different weekly ad copy promos compared to always-on offers. To do this, they knew they needed to improve the reach and ROAS of generic or non-brand activity to the levels of branded acquisition campaigns.


To test the efficacy of Dynamic Search Ads for Wurth, Epitaph began adding dynamic ad groups to every generic and brand campaign with plans to assess for approximately four weeks. Epitaph identified that running a pre/post-test using Skai’s Experiments would be the best way to go about performing this test. Skai’s Experiments offer a flexible solution to seamlessly create cross-publisher A/B and pre/post-tests on your campaigns and then monitor results in a dedicated and visual grid. The pre/post tests specifically allow you to compare your existing campaigns’ performance before and after a change you’ve made.

For one month prior to the test period, they ensured that the campaign budget, as well as all other factors, were consistent to ensure accuracy during the upcoming testing period. Then, they built five campaigns focused on each category of products servicing their target industries. There were also different in-market and affinity audiences that were targeted based on these campaign themes, such as those who were in-market for auto parts. The one-month test period was analyzed only after a seven-day period, due to the Google publisher attribution stating that most conversions could result in 30 days after the click-through window.


Epitaph was able to learn the most following the end of the 28-day experiment. Using Skai’s interactive trend charts, they determined that there needs to be exactly a seven-day ramp-up period for ads to be more successful. Because of these findings, they determined that moving forward, any seasonal promotions should be accompanied by an always-on offer or ad copy. The second learning was that Dynamic Search Ads did increase overall impressions by 13%, but that these customers did not convert as strongly, with a net 5% decrease compared to the previous period.

“The structure of Skai and its features improved data and process auditing, leading to better informed decisions made to meet objective goals.”

Sheena Chin
Paid Search Specialist, Epitaph Group

About Wurth Canada

Wurth Canada Limited was founded in Montreal, Québec, in 1971. Since then, they have established themselves as a trusted Canadian supplier of automotive, manufacturing, industrial, construction, trucking, and MRO supplies. Wurth Canada offers businesses a massive product line with over 14,000 items, all of which have a reputation for high quality worldwide.

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About Epitaph Group

Epitaph Group is a media planning and buying agency focused on ‘making good growth, every day.’ The agency prides itself on providing the most efficient media campaigns with a human touch.

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