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Vishvos drives Happy Egg’s performance and increases revenue 30% on Kroger via Skai

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Happy Egg, Organic and Free-Range carton of eggs

At Happy Egg, a premium organic egg company, retail media advertising was handled by one single person. They were advertising across multiple retail media networks, which meant separate budgets, platform logins, management processes, and more. This inefficiency created a challenge in scaling Happy Egg’s return on media investments.


Happy Egg turned to Vishvos, an independent ecommerce firm, to consolidate all retail media into one single platform: Skai.

Once the news hit that Kroger advertising was launching its retail media network with Skai as one of three partners granted inaugural access to Kroger’s API, Happy Egg was even more optimistic about the promising ROI across its retail media strategy.

While Kroger’s campaign program is different from other retail media networks, Skai’s management tools allowed the team to standardize each retailer’s unique attributes. They leveraged Dimensions and Categories to streamline execution across all retailers with custom naming conversions specific to Happy Egg’s specific product set.

The team leveraged Dashboards, Scheduled Reports, and additional reporting and analytics features to synthesize the complexity of the data, allowing the team to clearly communicate results across multiple retailers. Matt McClanahan, Founder & CEO of Vishvos said, “Skai’s ability to visualize the granularity we needed to analyze our campaigns led to direct impact for our key metrics.”

With the aforementioned tools and others such as Automated Actions, Vishvos became more efficient with their time spent on the Happy Egg account. They were able to significantly impact Happy Eggs’ ongoing retail media investments as well.


Compared to manually managing campaigns, Skai proved to efficiently and significantly improve Vishvos’ efforts on Happy Egg’s retail media investments. CPAs decreased by 5% and revenue increased by 30%, which led to a 10% increase in ROAS.

Additionally, by leveraging Skai’s Retail Media solution, Vishvos became more productive with their time spent on the Happy Egg account. They were able to cut meeting times and reports by more than half.

“With the help of Skai’s technology, we were able to consistently drive better performance after the integration, which in turn justified our increased investment with Kroger. This is a true win-win outcome.”

Matt McClanahan
Founder, Vishvos

About Vishvos

Vishvos is a trusted ecommerce execution and strategy firm. Experience matched with profound curiosity and foresight enables them to see around corners helping clients achieve their goals. The more a business relationship moves from transactional work to a true collaborative partnership, the better the work and the better the business. This relationship, a founding principle of Vishvos, is what takes a brand from good to great and is the cornerstone of marketing.

About Happy Egg

Happy Egg has pioneered what free-range farming could and should look like. They are breaking the status quo and flipping the egg industry on its head by meeting people (that’s you!) where they are, making eggs for their ever-changing, sometimes weird, and often meh-filled lives. Their unique and beautiful hen breeds and specialized, custom feeds coupled with their top-of-the-line Free Range farming standards lead to a better egg for you; a Happier Egg, if you will. Happy means Better in eggs.

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