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Impact Navigator Measures Video Incrementality For National D2C Brand


Being a D2C pioneer requires taking risks, and one industry leader faced a challenge when strategizing new ways to extend its marketing programs: would consumers actually watch a new style of marketing video that was more personal and aspirational than previously successful video content? Would the significant investment in this new style of story-driven creative pay off?


Former tracking-level measurements had issues with data quality and precision, so an accurate marketing test was required to understand the incremental impact of these new video ads. But how to perform such a test that was both accurate and minimized business impact? Enter Skai’s Impact Navigator.

Impact Navigator is designed to find audience correlations across many levels of geographic splits, from zip codes to DMAs to regional groupings. Impact Navigator automatically analyzed the brand’s recent audience data, generated and ranked millions of possible segment groupings, and discovered the optimal number of split comparisons that used a) geographically-separate regions, with b) comparable audience brand behavior, and c) sufficient data volumes to lead to the required level of confidence around the result.

The Results

After 5 weeks and over 10 million views, the new video strategy was proven to be incremental and was making a significant impact toward bottom line revenue. Impact Navigator additionally made clear the exact attribution percentage and other correlated secondary metrics.

This attributed percentage was used by the brand to further optimize budget planning, customer lifetime value modeling, and other marketing mix forecasting methods. With an actionable approach to measuring actual marketing impact, fears and guesses about starting future marketing programs were put to rest.

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  • Decide whether increased investments in video advertising are effective.


  • Perform test to understand the impact of YouTube video ads using Skai Impact Navigator solution.


  • Videos were found to have a significant incremental impact over a trial 5 week period that garnered millions of views.
  • Based on the precise values for incremental cost, the marketing team justified further investment in video media and expanded their marketing activity while maintaining business performance.

"Over time it became increasingly clear that we needed deeper insights to justify the cost of supporting these new types of media...Impact Navigator’s effective approach to measuring incrementality was the solution we were looking for."