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iProspect boosts fashion brand’s paid search ROI with Skai’s Smart Bidding and Budget Optimization

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A world-leading fashion brand works with agency iProspect to operate an extensive Paid Search marketing program that caters to multiple lines of businesses,languages, ad types, formats and goals. Together, the team was spending a significant amount of time manually managing bid adjustments and budget pacing. As the brand’s campaign management needed to expand in scope, it became more vital for iProspect to identify opportunities for automation, spend efficiently, and maximize the budget, to reduce any missed conversions whilst focusing efforts on growth. The lack of automation hindered budget optimization and performance scalability.


As a longstanding global partner of Skai, iProspect turned to its technology partner to identify strategic solutions to improve the brand’s Paid Search performance on both Google and Microsoft. iProspect would test its efforts in a phased approach across markets before rolling out globally.

Using Custom Metrics, iProspect added the brand’s preferred goal metric into the Skai platform to organize campaigns by specific goals. Once campaigns were grouped into Portfolios, iProspect engaged Budget Navigator to auto-optimize bidding and budgeting for those goals.

iProspect set budget optimizations live at the beginning of the month and let the automation take over. While checking progress day-to-day, Budget Navigator reduced the manual work and time spent on bid adjustments.


After one month, iProspect saw immense success in the test market beyond team efficiencies. The average across Google Performance Max and Shopping campaigns in two markets were as follows:

  • 12% decrease in CPC
  • 34% increase in ROI
  • 99.9% budget to target
  • Hundreds of hours saved a month

The test proved so successful that the team rolled out this solution across additional ad types in their paid search program.

“Budget navigator broke the limitations of working hours and eliminated late evenings. It reduced human error and drove greater efficiency and ROI, maximising our revenue. Our markets now drive a more stable budget throughout the quarter. We’re delighted that target spend comes in 99.99% accurate and above ROI goals.”

Nick Hockin
Paid Search Director, iProspect

About iProspect

iProspect, a Dentsu company, is a global digital-first end to end media agency. Its unmatched mix of media strategy and storytelling with digital expertise and audience knowledge defines the new territory of performance-driven brand building. By delivering human-centric solutions, iProspect accelerates growth for the world’s most iconic brands including Next, Cox, Kering, Microsoft, and Post Office. The iProspect team works across a network of more than 8,000 media and performance specialists spread across 93 global markets.

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