Case Studies / Success with Skai

Zinus Engages Skai’s Strategic Consulting Team To Create A Framework For Driving Share Of New Categories On Amazon


Zinus is a rapidly growing ecommerce mattress and furniture company that has relied on Skai to run its search, social and ecommerce advertising since 2018.


Using Skai, Zinus’ growth in the mattress category had been strong. However, the company was looking to expand its presence in three newer categories – sofas, bed frames and toppers. The team felt that there was an opportunity to drive better performance and more growth on Amazon. 

Zinus engaged Skai’s Strategic Consulting services to:

  • Answer specific questions around keyword cannibalization, competitive benchmarking and product prioritization
  • Develop an action plan to drive growth through advertising for the three categories that could be activated by their in-house team
  • Train the in-house team on the action plan and new product framework so that they could apply it to future categories, not only on Amazon, but Walmart and Wayfair too


Following a deep discovery session with the Zinus team to understand the products, objectives and challenges, the Skai Consulting team launched a six-week effort to conduct further detailed analyses into the following areas:

  1. Keyword audit & cannibalization deep dive
  2. Advertising structure review
  3. Bidding, budget and optimization strategy evaluation
  4. Holistic sales performance deep dive
  5. ASIN PDP and profitability review
  6. Category opportunity sizing & insights development
  7. Competitive assessment
  8. Benchmarking and objective setting
  9. Optimization action planning

A responsive playbook was developed, and the findings, recommendations and framework were initially presented back, through a full day’s training session, to both Zinus’ tactical and broader executive teams.


As a result of the engagement, the Zinus team felt empowered with actionable insights and directional recommendations and immediately began implementing the changes. They are working closely with the Skai Client Success team to revamp their Amazon Advertising structures and have leadership buy-in for additional support on areas such as content development and fulfillment.


  • The team felt that there was an opportunity to drive better performance around 3 categories: sofas, bed frames and toppers.


  • Skai’s Strategic Consulting team hosted a full day’s training session around the multiple recommendations to solve their challenge.


  • The Zinus team was delighted with the recommendations and is already well underway in implementing the changes.

“We are so impressed and appreciative of the Skai team’s hard work. I have personally learned a lot and it’s helped me to build the case for securing more resources to support this. I have everything I need to now start implementing the framework and can’t wait to keep you posted on the results!”

- Summer Zhao, Senior Digital Marketing Manager - Zinus