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Kellogg’s uses Skai to manage and optimize advertising performance across multiple retailers in one platform

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increase in revenue on Amazon Ads


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increase in revenue on ASDA


Via its media agency Dentsu, Kellogg’s has been using Skai to manage its Amazon Ads campaigns in the UK. Leveraging unique features such as Search Term Analysis to eliminate wasted spend and AI Optimization for managing and optimizing bids with targeted precision, the team improved revenue by 68% within the first four months of onboarding.

However, with new UK regulations coming into effect that restrict the placement of High in Fat, Salt and Sugar (HFSS) products on Amazon, the team was concerned about the longer-term impact this may have on performance. With other retailers across Europe launching their own media networks, Kellogg’s was eager to take advantage of additional inventory on other networks as quickly as possible.


The team began by onboarding Asda and Morrisons, via Criteo, and immediately leveraged Skai’s dayparting feature to ensure that ads were running at a time of day when they provided the most value.

Then, when Skai launched support for through Nectar360’s Ecommerce Media Platform in partnership with CitrusAd, Kellogg’s was the first advertiser to onboard its advertising and start managing campaigns alongside its Amazon Ads, Asda and Morrisons activity.

One of the biggest benefits of having all of its advertising data in one place is the ability to operate and report more effectively. Dentsu took advantage of Skai’s unique cross-channel dashboards to consolidate and customize performance data across retailers, helping to make better comparisons across channels and take action quickly to optimize campaigns.

Pacing Monitor was used to track how budgets were pacing across channels, something that previously would have been managed in spreadsheets that were prone to error. Not only has Pacing Monitor prevented any costly overspend, but it also provides automatic detection of performance irregularities according to Kellogg’s KPIs.

Skai’s Experiments capability was also used to quickly test what performs on Sainsbury’s, Asda, and Morrisons. By setting up pre/post tests to evaluate the impact of changes to ad structures, for example, Dentsu was able to assess the impact and optimize performance across channels.


Using Skai to manage multiple retailers is already paying off with significant performance improvements:

  • Since launching campaigns on Nectar360 two months ago, ROI has already improved by 25%
  • Revenue increased 85% on ASDA and ROI grew by 19.25% quarter on quarter

The Kellogg’s team is looking forward to working with Skai to replicate this success across even more retailers over the coming months.

“Partnering with Skai gave us the opportunity to be one of the first adopters with Nectar360. The ability to manage multiple retailers in one platform brings unmatched value to our retail media program, and we look forward to onboarding more retailers soon.”

Rob Byrne
Digital Analytics, Search & eCommerce Manager, Kellogg’s Europe

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