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DoorDash and Kepler Streamline Operations and Acquisition Across Social Publishers Using Skai


As the leading technology company connecting consumers with businesses and restaurants across thousands of local markets, DoorDash uses social publishers like TikTok and Snapchat to onboard delivery drivers, Dashers, across the country and around the world. Doing so requires budget allocation according to their own rich internal data, resulting in a mountain of manual media activation for its internal and agency teams. That is, until Skai was able to create a customized solution that allowed DoorDash and its agency Kepler to reach the right number of Dashers at the right time in the right place, just in time to meet their customers’ demands


Using Skai’s Budget Pacing solution designed to help local advertisers control spend, Skai’s Custom Solutions team built functionality allowing DoorDash to apply the right budgets at scale across their markets nationwide to ensure that ads reached Dashers on the right publishers in high-demand areas without wasting spend where demand was already met. The solution also included automated ad and ad set mirroring, allowing for more efficient ad trafficking This automation allowed the DoorDash and Kepler teams to spend less time on creation of thousands of ads and more time on impactful activities like creative analysis and optimization, resulting in an increase in leads, Dasher acquisition, and overall revenue.


In addition to saving valuable time for both DoorDash and their agency Kepler, Skai’s Budget Pacing solution improved their TikTok performance dramatically. After implementing the Budget Pacing solution, conversion rate jumped by 154% and Cost Per Action dropped 55%. DoorDash even managed to increase conversion volume – despite spending less than half the budget over the same time frame, conversion volume increased 11%.

“Budget pacing is a fantastic tool from Skai. We see it as the last-mile delivery when it comes to updating budgets across thousands of ad sets and campaigns across multiple channels, but especially with TikTok.”

Bruno Reis
Performance Marketing Lead

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DoorDash is a technology company that connects consumers with their favorite local businesses in more than 25 countries across the globe.

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