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Spin Master And Skai Responded Quickly To Shifting Consumer Ecommerce Shopping Patterns During The COVID-19


Spin Master is a leading global children’s entertainment company with innovative toy lines, entertainment properties and digital games and toys. Its brands include GUND, Etch A Sketch, PAW Patrol and more. 

Spin Master has been working with the Skai Expert Services team to manage its Amazon Advertising campaigns on Skai Ecommerce since February 2020.


As COVID sent the world into lockdown in March 2020, and Amazon delayed shipping on non-essential items, the Skai team in partnership with Spin Master experienced a dip in its Amazon Advertising conversion rates compared to the previous week. They needed to find a way of shifting advertising spend to maintain conversion rates on available items.


Working with ecommerce intelligence partner, DataWeave, the Skai team developed a solution that would scrape Amazon 3 times a week to provide more insights into shipping information. As shipping windows normalized, the scraping took place 1-2 times a week. 

After the solution was enabled, the team was able to better control conversion rate by only spending money on sending traffic to pages where shoppers could receive products within a seven-day delivery window.


In the week following implementation of the tracking, conversion rates rose sharply again.

But the benefits went beyond just sales. The tool has helped to highlight how the shipping portion of Amazon’s processes impacts its advertising and together, the teams were able to realistically manage expectations during COVID and create strategies to minimize lost sales.

“Thanks to the partnership, quick thinking and development of this tool by the Skai team, we were able to turn conversion rates around at an important time for us. As we move to transition the account in-house, this is something we will continue to monitor as we see benefits of having access to this information way beyond the COVID lockdown”

Marianna Zidaric, Global Senior Director eCommerce, Spin Master