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Skai’s Amazon Attribution Integration Closes The Loop Between Search & Amazon Sales

85 %
increase in ROAS
64 %
increase in purchase rate


Empower is a creative media agency, founded 33 years ago on a foundation of trust and transparency. Empower was named MediaPost’s 2016 Media Agency of the Year, with an award-winning integrated team of experts in audience, media, message, and measurement delivered data-driven, tech-enabled, and emotionally-charged creative media.

VTech is a pioneer and manufacturer in the learning toy category. VTech develops high-quality, innovative educational products that enrich children’s development and make learning fun. With a rich, almost 40 year history, VTech has not only established itself as a learning authority but also consistently remains at the forefront of innovation with multiple award-winning products.


Empower was working with client, VTech, to promote its LeapFrog branded educational toys, sold largely on Amazon. Empower was managing VTech’s paid search campaigns but was limited to media direct metrics. That meant, campaigns could be optimized to meet or beat KPI benchmarks, but it was impossible to make a correlation to sales.

Empower had no way to measure the impact that search media was having on VTech’s Amazon sales.

Empower was seeking a solution that would provide better insight into which keywords were most likely to convert to purchases on Amazon and which SKUs were driving better margins, considering CPC, purchase rate, and SKU price.


Skai’s Amazon Attribution integration allowed the Empower team to instantly understand the impact VTech’s search ads were having on Amazon sales. This intelligent measurement solution provided a comprehensive view of daily ROI metrics down to the keyword level, helping Empower identify which keywords were most-likely to convert to purchases, once the consumer reached Amazon after clicking a paid search ad. In addition, Empower was able to hone VTech’s keyword mix as well as make creative adjustments that aligned with top keywords. Amazon Attribution enabled Empower to go beyond the click and connect PPC data with sales data.


Skai’s Amazon Attribution integration closed the loop between search and Amazon sales, measuring the impact of the customer journey from click to purchase. This allowed Empower to put insights into action and optimize VTech’s search campaigns for the metrics that matter most. This led to an 85% increase in ROAS after the initial two months and a 64% increase in purchase rate during the same time period.

Amazon Attribution metrics are now incorporated into Empower’s bi-weekly reporting to VTech to help inform SKU priorities and optimizations.

Amazon attribution infographic

“Skai’s Amazon Attribution integration completely revolutionizes the potential of our Paid Search campaigns”

John Tebault, VP Investment of Search & Social, Empower