Kenshoo together with Signals Analytics have rebranded to Skai! Learn more about our next chapter.

smarter, faster

Commerce is evolving. We’ll keep you at the forefront with marketing intelligence and omnichannel activation that work together to drive powerful brand growth.
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The data + insights advantage


Make smarter, predictive decisions at every turn with all the data you need and faster time-to-insight. Skai’s rich data solutions provide AI-contextualized actionable intelligence about consumer sentiment, market trends, competition and more.
Market and Consumer Intelligence
All the media that matters


Ecommerce shopping happens everywhere. Grow market share and win the digital shelf by maximizing interaction at every touchpoint across all online marketplaces, retailers, search engines, app stores and social media.
Automation, optimization — and results


Get more return from your ad spend with flexible, robust and cross-channel performance media activation. Skai’s solutions are industry-leading, with seamless ecosystem integrations, for data-driven campaigns and results that exceed KPIs.
Marketing and Media Execution
Test, learn, and get smarter


Discover the incremental impact of any marketing effort on sales lift and determine your optimal mix without cookies or other privacy-regulated identifiers. The Skai approach is unbiased, unlimited and based on real-time experiments and modeling — minus the data science learning curve.
Measurement and Planning