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Brand New Galaxy increases conversions 52% while lowering CPC for Amazon campaigns with Skai


Brand New Galaxy is an international agency working to improve the performance of one of its clients in the energy sector. The challenges they faced included strict budget allocation requirements, monthly alternating budgets and, and maximizing share of voice.


Brand New Galaxy implemented Skai’s optimization features including Bid to ROI Portfolios, Budget Navigator, and Automated Actions, in combination with the Competitive Insights dashboard for monitoring share of voice.

Budget Navigator plans, which helped distribute and optimize daily and monthly budgets for individual campaigns, solved the challenge of performing numerous calculations on how to efficiently distribute the given budgets. Even when additional budget changes occurred unexpectedly in the middle of the monthly cycle, Budget Navigator streamlined budget distribution across all the affected campaigns.

The bid optimization process was also simplified thanks to Skai. Without the ability to use Skai Portfolios, the client had to adjust bids manually almost every day to achieve the best possible ROI. With Skai, bid optimization did the heavy lifting, saving the team a lot of time.

For campaigns that couldn’t use Portfolio or Budget Navigator, Automated Actions were implemented, allowing the team to carry out an automated level of optimization while maintaining the necessary control over the introduced changes.

In addition to workflow efficiencies, the Competitive Insights dashboard was being monitored, as a chief KPI was to increase the share of voice on a set of seasonal keywords. Key competing brands had an established position in the market and important advertising budgets. To evaluate success of the media activation and optimization strategies, it was crucial to monitor paid share of voice on top placements against the main competitors on a daily basis.


Brand New Galaxy was thrilled to see that in addition to massive time-saving workflow efficiencies related to its client’s Amazon advertising strategy, the team also saw boons to performance and increases in profitability using Portfolios and Budget Navigator.

In the first month of using Skai for automatic bids and budget management, ROI for key product categories increased by 5.4% for Sponsored Products campaigns and 19.6% for Sponsored Brands campaigns. While allocating only 30% more budget to advertising, the team achieved impressive growth: conversions grew by 52% compared to the previous month.

Moreover, the campaigns that had a problem with regular overspend stabilized, and the average CPC dropped by 5.6% both for Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns.

“The support of Skai allowed us to be more reactive, act faster and introduce data-driven improvements to our advertising strategy in a more agile manner.”

Dominika Małecka
Retail Media & Amazon Team Leader, Brand New Galaxy

About Brand New Galaxy

Brand New Galaxy is a global enterprise built to drive commerce for brands with 11 highly specialized companies, over 600 specialists, 27 native languages, and offices in Amsterdam, Warsaw, Poznan, Seattle, and Dubai.

Brand New Galaxy delivers growth by utilizing their unique digital solutions and global network of companies specialized in ecommerce, creative and content production, and automation and performance improvement.

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