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Marketwake reaches new audiences for Yamaha with Amazon Non-Endemic Sponsored Display via Skai


Marketwake, a national full-service marketing communications agency, uses Skai’s Search and Social advertising solutions across all clients. Specifically, for its client Yamaha WaterCraft, Marketwake aimed to expand into new audiences with its latest campaign: Women Run the Water.

This campaign focuses on a female audience with an affinity for shattering stereotypes and seeking the thrill of the outdoors. Yamaha wanted to establish itself as the first brand women consider when shopping for a boat or personal watercraft purchase.

To engage this particular target audience, Marketwake actively sought innovative methods to reach the segment effectively while maintaining efficiency.


Skai’s Advanced Partner Status with Amazon Ads provided Marketwake access to a closed beta: Non-Endemic Sponsored Display (or Amazon Ad’s Sponsored Display for brands that don’t sell on Amazon). Marketwake recognized the opportunity presented by this new display ad type and committed to testing it as a cost-efficient way to reach a hyper-targeted audience using Amazon’s proprietary first-party audiences.

With Skai, Marketwake had a centralized platform to manage Yamaha’s ‘Women Run the Water’ campaign performance across their display channels. Marketwake used Skai’s Dashboards to monitor budget pacing and daily spending, which was crucial as it was a test for a brand new ad type for Yamaha. The team used Automated Alerts to monitor spend and performance less manually and at scale. Additionally they utilized Skai’s integration with Google Analytics to track and directionally optimize newsletter sign-ups, in addition to Amazon channel metrics, for campaign performance tracking.


The first Amazon Non-Endemic Sponsored Display proved successful for Marketwake and Yamaha.

When comparing this campaign to Marketwake’s other programmatic display efforts, Amazon Sponsored Display reached nearly 3x the impressions at half the cost of similar campaigns in a given month. Furthermore, the campaign generated nearly the same number of website clicks at a cost-per-click (CPC) that was 50% lower than Marketwake’s average programmatic CPC. Lastly, the bounce rate and user time spent on Yamaha’s site were consistent with the performance of other media efforts across search and social platforms.

“Skai is always on the cutting edge of media, and when they approached us about the Amazon Ads Sponsored Display beta opportunity, we knew we had to be a part of it. The value of advertisers who don’t sell on Amazon having access to this beta is incredibly valuable. Both the Yamaha Boats and WaveRunners and Marketwake teams have been thrilled by the results and cannot wait for more.”

Brooke MacLean
CEO, Marketwave

About Marketwake

Marketwake is a full-service Growth Marketing agency based out of Atlanta, GA. They serve clients that range from growth-stage to Fortune 500, and have been named Inc.’s Best Workplaces and Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Businesses for 3 years in a row. As a growth marketing agency, Marketwake uses data, digital technology, innovative creativity, and strategic storytelling designed to propel revenue, performance, and recognition for their clients. The cornerstone of Marketwake’s approach is based on their passionate pursuit of growth. They believe a strong foundation, coupled with continuous improvement, facilitates joint success.

Marketwake is known for thinking bigger and differently than most when it comes to how they treat their team and clients. This is evident in the quality of their services and the culture they have built. They have even taken their team across the globe, each year they meet their goals, to locations including: Iceland, Jamaica, Belize, Big Sky (Montana), and more.

Marketwake pushes the boundaries of what is possible in marketing. Their customer-centric mindset allows them to be on the cutting edge of digital strategies, which is why Skai’s Amazon Beta was embraced as the perfect opportunity to test new channels for their clients. Because of this dedication to continuous improvement, Marketwake’s data-first approach helps propel businesses forward and amplify their impact on their industries and in the world.

Customer-centric mindset
Creative Experimentation
Continuous Improvement
Integrated Technology

About Yamaha Watercraft

Yamaha revolutionizes fun on the water. Empowered by a passion for innovation, they create exceptional value and experiences that enrich the lives of customers. Since 1995 they have been fine-tuning their design and technology to create the gold standard for family fun on the water.

The founder of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., Genichi Kawakami, set a clear standard for Yamaha brand engineering and manufacturing when he said, “It isn’t a product if it isn’t world class.” 60 years later, Yamaha continues its endeavors to create diverse value through products and services, and promises to keep delivering excellence in order to create a more fulfilling life for people all over the world.

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