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Skai’s Expert Services Team improves Instacart ROI across multiple brands of a major foods holding company

Performance data

ROAS improved by


in 5 weeks for 1 brand

ROAS increased by


in 3 months across the entire portfolio


Skai’s client, a major American foods holding company, was looking to scale performance on Instacart across multiple brands. The manual optimizations available with Instacart Advertising made performance improvements slow-moving. Around the same time, Instacart announced its Optimized Bidding Solution: algorithms powering bidding to automatically optimize for the best expected sales revenue.


Given Skai’s strong partnership with Instacart and our client’s challenge to advance performance across its multiple brands, Skai’s Expert Services Team decided to test the new Optimized Bidding Solution.

Before adopting the new solution across all brands, the Expert Services Team planned to test this new bidding strategy on one brand. The team leveraged Skai’s pre- and post-test Experiments to monitor the impact on performance before versus after adopting Instacart’s Optimized Bidding. And, they started building new campaigns.


The one brand we initially tested in March 2022 saw ROAS improve by 291% in just 5 weeks. Due to the success from the initial test, in April the team gained confidence to roll out the new bidding strategy across the holding company’s entire portfolio of brands on Instacart. As a result, ROAS improved 154% across the client’s entire portfolio.

Skai’s strong collaboration with retailer partners like Instacart allows us to scale our products and our client’s performance. Skai is consistently testing new tools, betas, and more offered by retailer platforms to learn the best way to improve our clients’ ROI.

Given the success of Optimized Bidding as leveraged by our Expert Services Team, Skai’s Product Team agreed to develop support within our platform in hopes of bolstering the success across all of Skai’s Instacart clients.

“Our client’s outstanding results across the board played a critical role in Skai’s decision to fully support Instacart’s Automated Bidding Solution in order to improve performance across all Instacart advertisers on Skai.”

Kelly Fogt
Director of Commerce Expert Services, Skai

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