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Riviana Foods and Harvest Group scaled Walmart presence and sales with Skai


Riviana Foods is America’s largest processor, marketer, and distributor of branded and private label rice products. In 2021, the company and its agency, Harvest Group, wanted to scale its Walmart Search campaigns in an effort to boost market share on Walmart.

Riviana Foods’ goals were to increase ROAS and improve category presence across its catalog.


Walmart Connect recommended an always-on Search campaign for each of Riviana’s brands, with a combination of Manual and Automatic Sponsored Products campaigns to increase category reach and amplify sales. Because this would increase the size and complexity of its campaigns, Riviana Foods transitioned from Walmart’s self-serve platform to Walmart Platform Partners. Riviana and Harvest Group partnered with Skai to implement their strategy. After leveraging optimization and automation tools, Harvest Group and Riviana Foods immediately saw success with the new campaigns and  increased spend to boost performance even further.


Riviana Foods and Harvest Group met their ROAS and category growth goals, and then some. Results included a 232% increase in sales for pickup and delivery, doubled sales overall, 20% increase in ROAS, and a 75%  increase in conversion rate.

Performance data


sales (pickup and delivery)






conversion rate

About Riviana Foods

Riviana Foods is America’s largest processor, marketer, and distributor of branded and private label rice products. Riviana brands are well known for their quality and excellence and the company is committed to providing the most wholesome products on the market today, to leading both the rice and pasta industries in innovation, and to providing high-quality products. Learn more at

About Harvest Group

Harvest Group is a leading retail growth agency that serves as a trusted partner for brands looking to grow their business at Walmart, Target, Amazon, Kroger, Sam’s Club, and Costco. Harvest Group grows businesses in all life stages, from launch to maturity. Its team of retail experts leverages proprietary technology, processes, and systems to guide clients toward accomplishing their goals along every step of the retail journey. Learn more at

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