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Leading CPG Brand Doubles Revenue On Amazon Prime Day With Wavemaker & Skai

229 %
11 %
Share of Search


Wavemaker is a global advertising agency that delivers transformative solutions for many of the world’s largest brands.

Driving success through ecommerce channels (including Amazon, Walmart, and Target) is amongst Wavemaker’s fastest growing areas of expertise.  Through innovative and out-of-the box strategies, they’ve been able to move the needle for clients.

For a leading CPG client, Wavemaker brought together organic and paid media experts to activate a holistic, integrated Amazon strategy – powered by Skai’s technology.


In 2019, Amazon drove a staggering $7.16B in product sales during Prime Day, up 71% from $4.19B in 2018.

The top-selling product categories included Household Essentials (#2) and Health & Beauty (#4), driving 21.6% and 19.8% of product purchases, respectively.  It was critical for Wavemaker’s CPG client to drive both Revenue and Share of Search growth within those high-demand categories.


Wavemaker leveraged Skai’s technology to help their CPG client make the most of Prime Day.

Dimensions are custom tags that can be easily applied to any Amazon entity – Campaign, Ad Group, Keyword, etc.  Wavemaker leveraged Dimensions to tag their client’s ASINs with and without deals. On Prime Day, these Dimensions were easily activated upon using Automated Actions, allowing for the scheduling of updates to the status, bid, and/or budget of any Amazon entity.

Wavemaker also leveraged Automated Actions to increase budgets throughout the most fruitful hours of Prime Day, further maximizing the return on every marketing dollar invested.

Skai’s comprehensive Reporting Suite enabled Wavemaker to actively monitor the effect of paid placements on organic visibility.  In addition, they were able to effectively assess historical performance data, beyond the 90 days available directly through Amazon’s interfaces.


The integrated Wavemaker team, powered by Skai’s technology, grew their CPG client’s Revenue by 229% and increased their Share of Search by 11%.

Their client’s success continued well beyond the Prime Day event – through the end of July, Share of Search surged to 23.7% more than that of their client’s largest competitor.

Meet the Wavemaker Team

For their CPG client, Wavemaker brought together organic and paid media experts to activate a holistic, integrated Amazon strategy – powered by Skai Ecommerce’s technology.  From left: Erin Ballard, Jocelyn Zuniga, Henry Chen, Emily Lau, Yao Hsiao, and Charlton Budd.

“Thanks to Skai, our team was able to turn 15 hours of work into 15 minutes!”

Erin Ballard, Search & Ecommerce Partner, Wavemaker