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Inova Scales Facebook Advertising
Leads by 600% with Skai


The Inova ecommerce team needed a strategic partner to help increase brand visibility and overcome the challenges of targeting a new digital social audience.

They needed a tool that could help scale their Facebook Advertising program. In addition, they needed a platform that could provide deeper insights and transparency to help them use data to drive better business decisions.


As a leader in social media marketing, the Inova team onboarded to Skai to gain greater control over campaign management and performance. Using Skai’s advanced capabilities, including Portfolio Optimization, Automated Actions, and Smart Tags, the Inova team was able to gain greater granularity and control over their bids and budgets, while saving time managing a complicated campaign structure. 

Inova had been challenged with widely fluctuating CPLs that made it difficult to manually optimize performance. In addition, their program was very complex, having a different KPI for each product. Leveraging Skai’s Portfolio Optimization, Inova was able to stabilize their CPLs through intelligent bid and budget adjustments, all while maximizing conversion volume.

Once CPLs were stabilized, Inova incorporated Skai’s Automated Actions, a rules-based optimization engine. They were able to automatically increase and decrease bids and budgets by predefined percentages based on real-time CPLs. This allowed them to save time and make optimizations at scale.

Using Skai’s AI and machine learning-based insights tools, Inova was able to surface granular, creative-level performance data to help them make more informed business decisions. With Skai’s Smart Tags, Inova was alerted when ads began to fatigue so that they could swap out likely-to-underperform creatives before they had a significant impact on performance.


Skai’s advanced optimization, automation, and insights-driving capabilities helped Inova increase lead volume by 600%, while decreasing CPLs by 54%.

About Inova

Inova is a leader in direct response sales in Mexico and the US Hispanic market with over 150 products including its own creations and domestic and imported products. Founded in the early 1990s as a mail-order catalog company, Inova has become the region’s leader in omnichannel marketing.

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“Working with the Skai team has been a great experience. They are very attentive, professional and knowledgeable. It’s a great partnership with expert support and guidance.”

Sandra Warman, Social Ads Specialist, Inova

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