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Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company in-houses ecommerce, performance soars with Skai’s Expert Services


A major pharmaceutical company was experiencing limitations with the agency it was working with. The team wanted more control of its retail media advertising program. They sought transparency and an omnichannel approach, which they felt would best be executed in-house.

Knowing that a complete move in-house would bring a new host of challenges, the team sought additional help around performance capabilities, workflow efficiency, and knowledge set. After a successful test pilot, Skai won the client’s business. In January 2022, its Amazon program, which consisted of 15 different brands, was fully transitioned from the previous agency to Skai’s skilled team of retail media experts.


The team at Skai quickly set to work! Over the course of the year, the retail media experts at Skai brainstormed, planned, devised, and implemented a plethora of strategic optimizations, tactics, testing opportunities, and platform advancements.

In addition to the industry specialists, the powerful Skai platform was essential to working swiftly and effectively.

Key strategic initiatives that drove stronger performance YoY include:

  • Improving optimization with acute granularity, with machine learning tools such as Budget Navigator
  • Restructuring campaigns across all brands with features like Bulk Creation and Custom Labeling
  • Conquesting competitors and winning market share with Skai’s share of voice tool Competitive Insights
  • Activating bidding automation for more robust performance optimization such as Ad Scheduling intraday bidding solutions


Average 2022 results across all brands, compared to the previous year:

  • 40% increase in ROAS across ALL brands despite spend increase of 30%
  • 30% decrease in CPCs
  • 90% increase in attributed sales
  • 80% increase in total orders

“Skai’s powerful technology combined with our amazing team of experts is truly the winning combination for so many advertisers driving outstanding results.”

Kelly Fogt, Director, Commerce Expert Services, Skai

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