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Manuka Doctor’s Amazon DSP achieves a +53% ROAS increase using Skai’s Advanced Automated Actions


Market Performance Group (MPG), an omnichannel advertising agency, was looking to reboot New Zealand honey company Manuka Doctor’s Amazon DSP program. As MPG initiated its strategy, the team was in search of program efficiencies to improve performance to goal, unlock additional budgets, and enable Manuka Doctor to access more upper-funnel tactics. In order to be successful, it was essential for the MPG team to build a ROAS-conscious workflow that would efficiently scale spend while also having a resource to track progress.


MPG leveraged Advanced Automated Actions to efficiently scale ad spend from bid level up by building out a tiered bid adjustment decision tree that would take action based on performance trends. By automating bid management based on specific ROAS parameters, the DSP campaigns were auto-optimized every week.

As bid adjustments were managed by Advanced Automated Actions, the next process the MPG team worked to advance was reporting. To accurately measure results, MPG wanted a more granular level beyond the topline DSP campaign performance metrics. As a solution, MPG created a custom Dashboard that utilized segmentation labels to pinpoint specific strategies, enabling them to gain deeper and more precise insights. With this report, MPG was able to capture actionable insights on precise tactics to productively scale Manuka Doctor’s DSP program over time.


As MPG increased Amazon DSP spending over the course of 90 days, the Manuka Doctor program experienced an ad revenue increase of +73% which led ROAS to grow +53% during this time. By leveraging Dashboards, MPG was able to effectively track progress, and when budgets increased again the following month, identify exactly which areas of the DSP program were working and sales rose another +47%.

“Skai’s advanced automation became our secret weapon, allowing us to set strategic and goal-specific rules that scaled operations with a focus on performance.”

Jacob Heinz
Digital Media Manager

About Manuka Honey

Manuka Doctor is a New Zealand-based company with a Certified Mānuka Honey high-performance skincare range.

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About MPG

Market Performance Group (MPG) is an omnichannel commerce agency specializing in end-to-end strategy and services for consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers.

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