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Kinase Maximizes Appointments For Sharps UK With Skai’s Portfolio Optimizer & Facebook’s CBO

54 %
31 %
Cost per Appointment


As a global leader in performance marketing services, Kinase helps brands grow faster and more efficiently. Sharps, a Kinase client, is UK’s leading fitted furniture specialist, dedicated to turning customers’ dreams into reality.

Kinase supports Sharps’ marketing goals by leveraging their advertising expertise and technology to maximize the number of appointments for fitted wardrobes and home office installations. This requires delivering distinct creative that highlights the different styles of each installation, differentiating targeting to address varying buyers, and unique campaigns to segment each service. 

Kinase relies on Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimization to automate budget shifts across ad sets within a single campaign. This allows Kinase to maximize results within the allotted campaign budget and ensure the right ad set within each respective campaign is delivering to its full potential.

As a long-time Skai client, Kinase knew there was an opportunity to scale success across all of the campaigns they managed for Sharps. With Sharps varying offerings, all with the goal of improving the space and style of their customer’s homes, Kinase needed a better way to maximize results beyond the campaign level. 


In order to elevate current marketing efforts, Kinase leveraged Skai’s proprietary performance driving solution, Skai Portfolio Optimizer (KPO). KPO leverages advanced machine learning and real-time campaign and market trend analysis to automatically optimize budgets between campaigns to enable more effective and scalable optimizations.

KPO is managed at the portfolio level which within Skai, is a group of campaigns that share one common goal. In this case, despite the number of unique creatives, diverse audiences or differentiating services, Sharps’ campaigns had the common goal of driving people to make an appointment. 

This enabled Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimization to focus on maximizing the performance of each respective campaign while Skai optimized across all of these campaigns to ensure their overall performance goals are met. Because KPO managed Sharps’ results at the portfolio level, it was also able to simplify their strategy, scale conversions and maximize the number of qualified people reached within each audience while decreasing the cost-per-conversion. 


KPO optimized Sharps’ budgets across campaigns and saved the team extensive time normally required to analyze performance across each tactic to determine the right budget allocation. 

Kinase was also able to increase Sharps’ volume of appointments by 54% and decrease costs by 31% by maximizing the most scalable ad sets and serving ads to the most qualified audiences. 

Due to the success of these Skai-optimized campaigns, Kinase increased its investment in paid social in order to maximize ROI.


Kinase provides a range of highly effective Performance Marketing services including paid search, social, shopping & feeds, video, and display advertising. Kinase helps companies grow faster and more efficiently through superior methodologies and constant innovation.

Founders Richard and Chris have worked together since 2005 and have an excellent track record of driving sales and profit growth for a wide range of brands. Kinase continues to grow in both size and sophistication.

As the UK’s leading fitted furniture specialist, Sharps is dedicated to turning customers’ dreams into reality with its stylish bedroom and home office ranges, whilst also maximizing every centimeter of storage space. The bespoke fitted furniture ranges can be fitted directly into the available space – which is ideal for awkwardly-shaped rooms and period homes – providing a streamlined and stylish interior. 

“Sharps’ digital marketing was transformed in 2019 - the business now understands a new source of leads through paid social, and the overall strength of leads from digital channels keeps getting better.”

Jared Andrews, Digital Marketing Manager - Sharps