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Unlocking New Fan Engagement: How Amazon Sponsored Display helped a Pro Basketball Team Score Brand Exposure


Goodway Group’s client, a professional basketball team, wanted to connect with a new fan base to boost its brand exposure and ultimately drive more ticket sales. Goodway Group had been running display campaigns for its client as they recognized the effectiveness of the channel in building brand awareness and reaching a broad audience. However, keen on expanding audiences, the team was always open to trying new ways to engage an untapped fan base.


Goodway Group had long been using search and social solutions from Skai and heard about a new closed beta that Skai™ was participating in as an Amazon Ads Advanced Partner: Non-Endemic Sponsored Display (or Amazon Ad’s Sponsored Display for brands that don’t sell on Amazon). They saw this as the perfect opportunity to reach a wider audience.

With a quick and seamless setup, Goodway Group managed their client’s Amazon Sponsored Display campaigns within the Skai platform. Once integrated into the platform, they were able to view their client’s performance alongside other ongoing campaigns across channels.

Goodway Group leveraged Dashboards to closely monitor budget pacing and daily spending, especially crucial since this was a test for a new ad type and they weren’t sure what to expect. They were able to identify budgets that were running out in the morning to switch optimizations and bidding accordingly. They then used Automated Alerts to set up email notifications for every time they were close to running out of budget so that they could take quick action, helping them stay on track.


With Amazon Sponsored Display for brands that don’t sell on Amazon, Goodway Group tapped into a new and engaged fan base, and significantly improved performance. Specifically, three weeks post-optimization, the pro basketball team’s campaign increased impressions by 7X, number of clicks by 11X, and click through rate (CTR) by 70%.

In real time, Goodway evaluated their Amazon performance and compared it with other display campaigns running through their existing DSP. The Amazon Ads brand awareness campaign had 55% lower cost per click (CPC) and 60% lower cost per mille (CPM).

“Non-Endemic Sponsored Display felt like a natural extension for us. We were running display advertising and this gave us access to a whole new bucket of users.”

Bailey Smith
Media Planner, Goodway Group

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