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Large agency helps prominent pharmaceutical client ensure compliance with strict FDA advertising regulations by using Skai Custom Audits Accelerator


Agency is working with a large pharma company and must always ensure compliance with advertising rules set by the FDA prior to activating paid search campaigns. Any infractions to these rules, such as having branded references in unbranded ads, could result in significant penalties and distrust from key brand stakeholders. The agency’s process previously was to perform extensive & time-consuming manual QAs to check all components of their campaigns for compliance before launch, but this was not sustainable and severely impacted the teams bandwidth so the agency was looking for a more efficient solution for performing these very tailored audits.


The agency turned to Skai to take advantage of the Custom Audits tool that is now available individually, without onboarding onto the full Skai campaign management platform. This gave the agency the flexibility to use Custom Audits alongside their current campaign management tool. The agency now consistently leverages Skai’s Custom Audits tool before launching campaigns for this pharma client to ensure everything is set up correctly and that it complies with all regulations. In addition, the agency is able to fully customize audit rules to meet the very specific FDA guidelines, for instance: identifying the Google Display URL for “Prescription Treatment Website” on unbranded campaigns.


The audit tool provides a quick and easy way to check on all of the agency’s customized rules and ensure that nothing is overlooked before a launch. The agency has set up and run 18 audits nightly across 8 different brands for their pharma client. These audits save the team 2-3 hours of manual check work per account for this pharma client, while also helping to avoid potential fines from the FDA.

“Skai’s Audit tool has been a great time saver when reviewing all critical launch components of our paid search campaigns for our pharma client and their complex accounts. We are able to set up custom rules that protect against the strict FDA advertising regulations and help ensure no campaign launch errors are made. This not only gives us peace of mind that everything is running smoothly, but also ensures the client avoids any costly FDA fines.”

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hours of time saved on manual check work per account

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