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Epitaph drives more efficient conversions for premium luggage brand with Skai’s unique paid social capabilities


A direct-to-consumer luggage and travel accessory retailer, offering high-end luggage at an affordable price point, partnered with the media planning and buying agency Epitaph Group. About three months after launch of their always-on campaign, they began to see a decline in purchases but believed they had exhausted all possible targeting and optimization solutions. They hoped to improve performance and drive a higher number of purchases on its website at a lower CPA, so Epitaph looked to Skai’s™ unique audience and optimization solutions to efficiently increase conversion volume.


The first Skai solution Epitaph tested was Skai’s Conversion Lookalike Audiences, a unique API-only audience that is created using the Analysis Grid, where the user cherry-picks the specific top-performing ad(s) or ad set(s). The conversion lookalike audience that is generated specifically uses the selected ad set performance data to build lookalike audiences based on true conversions, rather than the standard way of building the lookalike off a custom audience. Epitaph created the Conversion Lookalike Audience based on users who converted during the first two months of the campaign.

Next, Epitaph utilized Skai’s Bid Multipliers, which allowed them to align with Meta’s best practice of targeting broader audiences, while still maintaining granular control of bids on top-performing audience segments. They first identified that Instagram was bringing in a higher number of conversions at a lower CPA compared to Facebook on their luxury and travel interests audience, so they added a Bid Multiplier on Instagram. Then, two weeks later, they recognized that the female segment was garnering a lower CPA than the male segment on their luxury and travel interests audience, so they added a bid multiplier for the female segment. Lastly, they saw similar trends for male versus female segments on their dynamic retargeting campaign, so they added a bid multiplier for the female segment on this as well.


The Conversion Lookalike Audience was the most efficient prospecting/lookalike audience audience overall for their always-on campaign over a four month period, with a 35% lower CPA when compared to all other prospecting/lookalike audience tactics. The Instagram bid multiplier decreased CPA by 39% overall within the first two weeks. Then, after adding the bid multiplier for the female segment, there was a 26% decrease in CPA for luxury interests and a 14% decrease for travel interests. Lastly, for the female bid multiplier on the dynamic retargeting campaign, they saw a 29% decrease in CPA over a two week period.

“Skai’s advanced paid social capabilities enabled us to improve performance for our client by testing brand new audiences on Meta created using its unique API-only targeting and optimization solutions. Thanks to Skai we were able to bring new and innovative opportunities to the table!”

Meghan Lingard
Manager, Paid Social, Epitaph Group

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