Skai Labs

Your Custom Development Team

One size doesn’t necessarily fit all, so we create specific, unique enhancements to tackle your specific, unique business challenges.

Who We Are

Nimble, seasoned engineers dedicated to bringing one-of-a-kind augmentations to marketers using or considering the Skai platform.

What We Do

Our team offers bespoke integrations, automations, metrics, and features to address even the most complex use cases.

Why Choose Us

Off-the-shelf marketing technologies may not address every challenge for large, dynamic businesses. We’re here to solve your specific needs.

Purpose-built enhancements enabling advertisers to get the most out of Skai – no matter your use case

Connect Data

We’ll cleanly sync your data sources into Skai to empower your decisions, automate your actions, and let your team access everything in one place.

Why you need Skai Labs

Scattered and disparate data sources can be detrimental to your business
The metrics key to your particular business goals require bespoke reporting
Our flexible infrastructure can close your publisher or channel gaps
Data integration will unlock the full potential of your ad program on Skai

Automate Workflows

We’ll build out customized workflows, automations, and optimizations to dramatically simplify your processes.

How Skai Labs will help

Easing resource burden caused by performing the same repetitive actions
Your teams will be freed up to focus on uncovering insights and evolving strategy
Customized workflow will allow you to manage all of your media easily
Our automation reduces human error and works seamlessly with Skai’s native features

API & Development

Prefer that your in-house developers take charge? Our APIs make it easy for them to push changes or pull data from Skai.

What Skai Labs delivers

Robust documentation, personalized and expert guidance, and new API endpoints
Extra security ensured if your business involves sensitive data or regulatory requirements
Expertise with Skai and publisher APIs so implementation time is dramatically decreased
Detailed integration plans and expert enablement of your internal teams

There are no limits to what Skai Labs can do for our clients

“The Skai Labs team created a unique and innovative automatic bidding process so that we could improve our performance while adhering to our profit targets. We were able to improve our client’s Amazon revenue volume & net profit in a highly competitive category.

Jacob Sharman
Ecommerce Marketplace Manager, Croud

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