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Mercedes-Benz Vans Turkey Drives Down Acquisition Costs With OMD Turkey And Skai Social


Mercedes-Benz is one of the world’s biggest producers of premium cars and commercial vehicles. Mercedes-Benz Vans team has worked with specialist media agency OMD Turkey (a subsidiary of Omnicom Group) for a number of years to run its Social and Search advertising campaigns.


The OMD Turkey team was challenged with increasing the number of test drive requests from Facebook and Instagram for Mercedes-Benz Vans vehicles whilst at the same time reducing the cost per lead.

As a long-standing Skai Social and Search client, the OMD Turkey team had seen the efficiency gains and performance they could achieve by moving campaigns from Facebook Ads Manager onto Skai and switched all of Mercedes-Benz Turkey’s campaigns over to Skai in August 2019.


The OMD Turkey team adopted a number of Skai features to help them scale performance across Facebook and Instagram:

  • Analysis Grid – the days of doing manual exports to slice and dice data were over for the OMD Turkey team. Using Skai’s Analysis Grid they were able to see, within the UI, live insights that allowed them to surface poorly performing campaigns and take immediate action. Specifically for Mercedes Benz, the OMD Turkey team used it to analyze audiences and ad fatigue allowing them to optimize across ads and ad sets.
  • Cross-Channel Audiences – One of the major benefits of using Skai Social and Search is the ability to target across channels. The client took full advantage of this and used Skai’s Cross-Channel Audiences feature to re-engage audiences on Facebook that searched for relevant keywords on Google – ultimately resulting in better quality leads.
  • Automated Actions – OMD Turkey created a total of 18 automated actions across for a 3 month period which saved them hours of time doing what previously would have been manual tasks. Specifically they used them to:
    • Automatically pause poorly performing ads at a single ad level
    • Activate single ads on weekends in line with promotional events
    • Schedule ads out-of-hours 
    • Notify them when there was a high performing ad so that budgets could be increased


After a three month period (October-December), performance improved significantly: 

  • CPL was reduced by 40% in campaign 1 (Mercedes-Benz X-Class)
  • CPL was reduced by 25% in campaign 2 (Mercedes-Benz Vito)
  • Cost per conversion decreased by 60% as targeting improved
  • Cross targeting audiences reduced CPC by 20% compared with normal branding audiences

The benefits also went beyond performance. OMD Turkey found that by reducing a lot of the manual work they were able to spend more time analyzing insights and making better, more strategic decisions.

“Social media is our best performing channel. However, with Skai’s cross-targeting capabilities we have been able to improve the results from Google Ads by re-engaging high quality audiences”

Nergis Sevinç, Digital Marketing Lead, Mercedes-Benz Vans Turkey

We went from working weekends to letting Skai Social do the hard work for us. We have saved hours of time by adopting automated actions and the results speak for themselves.

Elif Hacibektasoglu, Associate Digital Director, OMD Turkey