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Youtheory optimizes Instacart Advertising via Skai and increases ROI 152%

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Impressions increase by


Conversions increase by


ROI increase by


CPC decrease by


Instacart marketplace revenue increase by



Youtheory, a supplement brand, was looking to grow its audiences, increase sales, and build market share. To create strong ad placements and connect to relevant retailers, the team decided to advertise on Instacart. As Instacart was a newer platform at the time and Youtheory wanted to quickly scale visibility and ROI, they turned to Skai, powered by AWS, for our expertise, retail media connectivity, and powerful technology.


Skai’s keyword harvesting helped source the target keywords that performed best on Instacart to make improvements to the strategy. Additionally, the tool helped categorize keyword performance to continue to inform decision-making.

Youtheory maximized its return on investment with the help of Skai’s budget optimization tool, Budget Navigator, which forecasted the investment outcomes and made informed planning decisions for improved performance. Additionally, they leveraged automated dayparting to auto-adjust bids based on performance so that budgets and bids were increased for well-performing ads while spending was cut during off-peak hours on Instacart to improve ROI.

A third key piece of Youtheory’s Instacart success was Skai’s Experiments. Youtheory maintained a record of any changes made on Skai’s platform to view pre- and post-performance to decide on the best strategy.


Youtheory saw improvements in several key metrics, with impressions up 120%, conversions up 11%, cost-per-click down by 45%, ROI up 152%, and revenue up 95%.

“Youtheory is seeing benefits from advertising with Instacart as the mix of retail stores on the platform and consumers that shop with Instacart is a great fit for the brand. Adding Skai as a management platform enabled enhanced efficiency across multiple metrics and has helped us to accelerate sales and increase brand awareness.”

Rory Lipsky
EVP of Global Sales and Marketing, Youtheory

About Youtheory

Youtheory is a Southern California-based lifestyle brand on a mission to inspire wellness in all™. It is Youtheory’s goal to develop pure, safe, and innovative supplements that improve one’s health, beauty, and overall well-being.

Youtheory believes that its products are only as good as the ingredients, so Youtheory travels the world to source the highest quality raw materials from the places where they are cultivated best. From farm to retail shelf, Youtheory is committed to best-in-class manufacturing processes, which guarantee purity, potency, and traceability of every product that is made and put on the shelf. Learn more at

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