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Epitaph reframes FH Health’s paid search spend strategy with Skai’s Experiments


FH Health provides in-clinic COVID-19 testing services for its customers. In partnership with its agency Epitaph Group, they aimed to get customers to book RT-PCR tests and come into one of its many locations in Toronto, Canada. Trend data showed there was a decline in search demand and activity during the mid-summer months due to travelers not requiring test results as often as earlier in the year, and people who required tests for work having already done so for the season. To address this decline in search demand and activity, they needed to determine how to maximize more monthly Google Ads conversions if they increased CPA by just 15%.


To test their hypothesis and see if they could increase conversion volume, Epitaph’s team utilized Skai’s Experiments to create cross-publisher A/B and pre/post tests on campaigns and monitor results in a visual grid. Epitaph determined that a pre/post-bidding experiment was the best fit for FH Health. During the pre-test period of approximately four weeks leading up to the start of the experiment, spend was split between generic and branded campaigns at an 80% / 20% split.

Then, for the duration of the four-week experiment period, the target CPA was increased by 15% for both generic and branded campaigns, and the split in spend was adjusted to 68% toward generic keywords and 32% toward branded.

Both sets had the same geo-targeting, which were all radii around Toronto locations, with the same ad serving schedule seven days a week, all the time, and audiences remaining the same.


Using Skai’s Experiments, Epitaph determined that although the actual CPA did not reach the max cap, there was a 29% decrease in conversions. The migration of audiences and decline of interest informed the client to reduce spend dollars in the category and pivot media dollars away from generic acquisition.

“The benefits are clear: Skai enables our managers to collect and analyze the data from our separate publishers and campaigns to be viewed in a more fluid interface, reducing the time needed to initiate changes and publish recorded results.”

Trang Cao
Paid Search Coordinator, Epitaph Group

About FH Health

FH Health provides COVID-19 testing services for corporations and individuals. They provide in-clinic services across 15 locations in the GTA, mobile clinics, concierge and executive services, and occupational health services.

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About Epitaph

Epitaph Group is a media planning and buying agency focused on ‘making good growth, every day.’ The agency prides itself on providing the most efficient media campaigns with a human touch.

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