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TIKI® Brand improves ROAS over 30% with Skai’s support for Amazon Ads


TIKI® Brand is a household name with a superior range of outdoor products. Although the company had positive performance on Amazon across its entire range, the marketing team was confident it could improve revenue and overall profitability. The goal was to lower CPC, to hopefully result in a higher ROAS.


The TIKI® brand team began working with Skai and employing some of the best-in-class features for performance enhancements and workflow efficiencies. Guidance from the experienced and knowledgeable Skai Expert Services Team proved incredibly helpful.


In the first two months of the partnership, Skai supported an increased ad spend for the TIKI® brand team while decreasing average CPCs by 15% and improving ROAS by 34%. This resulted in a highly successful peak season for the brand.

“The Skai team is collaborative, supportive, urgent, and talented. They work to understand our business and find ways to support our goals. They’re quick to respond, bringing best-in-class practices, creative ideas, and new approaches to the table.”

Jessica Lindquist
VP, Consumer Marketing, Lamplight Farms Inc.

About TIKI® Brand

TIKI® Brand is a brand extension of Lamplight Farms Incorporated, headquartered in Menomonee Falls, WI. The TIKI® Brand features a full line of decorative torches and torch fuels, BiteFighter® LED String Lights, and fire pits that enhance the consumer’s backyard, making it the best room of the house. Learn more here.

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