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Skai’s in-depth reporting and portfolio optimization empowers Inova to increase lead volume by 24% and decrease cost per lead by over 50%

Performance Impact


increase in lead volume


increase in clicks


decrease in CPA


decrease in CPL


Inova has a wide product offering which was hard to manage at scale. Each product had different ads, bids and budgets. Inova’s biggest day-to-day challenge was finding the balance between spend and target. They were spending a lot of time on manual optimizations and reporting which resulted in little insights and unusable data.


Inova partnered with Skai, a leader in search engine marketing, to bring efficiency to and improve performance on their search program. They implemented Skai’s portfolio optimization which resulted in time saved and the ability to scale their complex product portfolio. Skai’s robust product-level reporting capabilities also provided the insights, guidance and transparency needed to make data-driven decisions. 

In addition, Skai’s powerful forecasting tool, Budget Navigator, paired with Smart Bidding, empowered Inova to understand and manage the specific bids and budgets for each individual product category and better plan ahead.


Once Inova started using Skai’s powerful optimization and intelligence tools they saw tremendous results. Inova experienced a 24% increase in the lead volume, a 16% increase in clicks, and 23% decrease in CPA. Also, using Skai’s Portfolios Inova was able to decrease CPL by over 50%.

About Inova

Inova is a company of Mexican origin that is dedicated to the sale and distribution of different products and services that are characterized by being original and out of the ordinary.

Founded in the early ’90s as a mail-order catalog company; Inova has become the region’s leader in omnichannel marketing, involved in Direct Response TV, Direct Retail Distribution, Ecommerce and Mail order.

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