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Skai’s DSP Reporting Dashboard saves time and optimizes campaigns for Croud 


Digital marketing agency Croud had a client that was spending too much time pulling multiple reports through the Amazon DSP UI to track low performance. It was taking a few hours each week to report on all the necessary KPIs, causing them to miss out on important conversion opportunities.


Croud recommended the client use Skai’s DSP Reporting Dashboard to pull multiple KPIs into one place, which made it easy to track low performance across all aspects of DSP performance, including creatives, audiences, line items, and inventory. The Skai DSP Reporting Dashboard helped save the client time and optimize campaigns.


With the Skai DSP Reporting Dashboard, the client saved multiple hours per week. On reporting day, the dashboard saved them at least a solid half hour, and each time they made an optimization, they saved an hour or more.
The Skai report was scalable, allowing the client to pull reports across multiple line items, audiences, inventory, and creatives without having to go into each reporting dimension, resulting in a 75% time saving.

“Skai’s DSP Reporting Dashboard saves us hours by quickly identifying low performance in campaigns, whether from creatives, audiences, line items, or inventory. With just one report, problems can be swiftly identified and optimizations can be made.”

Dani Rule
Programmatic Executive

About Croud

Croud is a global, full-service digital marketing partner. Founded in 2011, Croud is a strategic partner to leading companies across 118 markets and spanning every industry sector, from retail and ecommerce to financial services and B2B.

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