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Skai’s Competitive Insights and Dayparting Boosts Pharma Brand’s Success on


Skai’s Expert Services Team was working with a pharmaceutical brand to deliver maximum return and visibility for its Target campaigns via Criteo. Securing market share throughout the day at highly trafficked e-retailers became a significant challenge. More specifically, the pharmaceutical client was missing out on a majority of traffic: 21%, 28%, and 52% across three separate brands in September.

The client’s retail search team and Skai’s Expert Services Team analyzed ad performance to determine the issue. Ads on Target for these brands were maxing out in the early-to-mid afternoon and were not active during peak shopping hours, causing the client to miss out on valuable customer traffic.


Skai and the client resolved to ensure all of the brands’ ads were live throughout the day during peak shopping hours so that they would perform efficiently from a revenue and ROAS perspective. By leveraging Automated Actions, Skai implemented a solution not yet available in the native Criteo platform: dayparting.

Skai used its Experiments feature to test the results from these modifications. The set-up was simple, and the Experiments dashboard streamlined performance analysis.

Skai also measured the impact on each brand’s share of voice on Target to ensure market share was impacted positively or not at all as a result of the increase in campaign longevity, even with a decrease to bidding to help sustain ads longer into the day.


Skai and the client leveraged tools unique to the Skai platform, powered by AWS, to experiment with a new strategy, measure their results, and automate their optimizations accordingly for improved performance.

Skai and the client identified the most efficient dayparting time window, resulting in stronger relevancy, higher ad revenue, and increased return on investment (ROI) for all of the client’s brands. Skai’s Competitive Insights also identified a small increase or no-impact to share of voice on Target for categorical and branded terms period-over-period.

Across brands, performance enhancements were seen in revenue, ROI, and market share. These significant improvements gave Skai’s client the confidence to adopt this strategy across additional brands on

Performance data

Brand A

Revenue increased by


ROI increased by


Brand B

Revenue increased by


ROI increased by


Brand C

Revenue increased by


ROI increased by


“Through Skai’s Automated Actions, we were able to utilize dayparting for the campaign, resulting in stronger relevancy, higher ad revenue, and increased return on investment for all brands. This was hugely valuable and wouldn’t have been possible in the Criteo native platform.”

Susan Caputo
Senior Manager, Expert Services, Skai

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