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Havas triples Amazon Prime Day sales with Skai’s Keyword Management and Automated Actions for L’Oréal Paris

Performance data


revenue increase vs. 2021


conversions increase vs. 2021


L’Oréal Paris wanted to improve its sales and revenue during Prime Day compared to the previous year, while maintaining a healthy return on investment (ROI). With many competitors vying for visibility on Prime Day, L’Oréal Paris needed a smart, efficient, and profitable way to stand out and increase revenue and sales.

L’Oréal Paris partnered with the expert team of retail media specialists at Havas Group Mexico. The Performance Team included guidance and execution from Evelyn Garcia, Gabriela Rodriguez, Daniela Montiel and Carlos Molina.


To prepare for Prime Day, the L’Oréal Paris working with Havas team analyzed search term data with the Search Terms Analysis tool from Skai™ to identify keywords that were spending but not converting. They created negative keywords to prevent them from draining the budget. Additionally, they used Skai’s proprietary Keyword Harvesting tool to identify new keywords that could bring them volume, while maintaining a high ROI. This strategy helped them to focus on the keywords that would likely convert and bring in incremental revenue.

During Prime Day, the Havas team ran Skai’s Automated Actions to increase or decrease bids based on real-time data and keyword ROI. Automated Actions allows users to easily update creative, budgets, bids, status, and more based on KPI goals. These rules allowed them to systematically optimize their campaigns and target the most relevant audience while avoiding overspending. They also set budget rules to increase or decrease the budget depending on the campaign’s performance. This strategy helped allocate budget effectively and maximize ROI.


Havas’ efforts paid off, resulting in significant improvements in sales and revenue during Prime Day for L’Oréal Paris Mx. The team achieved a 3X increase in revenue compared to the previous year, while maintaining the same ROI. Conversions increased by 198% compared to the previous year, with 180% increase in revenue. These results demonstrate the effectiveness of the client’s strategy and their ability to optimize campaigns to achieve their goals.

  • 3X revenue increase vs. 2021
  • 198% conversions Increase vs. 2021
  • Maintained same ROI as 2021

“We’re thrilled with the results of our Prime Day campaign using Skai’s Keyword Management and Automated Actions. We tripled our revenue compared to the previous year while maintaining a healthy ROI, thanks to Skai’s tools and our strategic approach.”

Havas Group Mexico

About L’Oréal Paris

L’Oréal Paris is a French beauty company specializing in cosmetics, skincare, and hair care products. Founded in 1909, L’Oréal Paris has since grown to become one of the largest beauty companies in the world, a household name in many countries. L’Oréal Paris is committed to creating high-quality products that help people look and feel their best. Learn more at

About Havas

Havas is a global media agency with over 10,000 specialists operating in 150 countries. They offer advanced services in programmatic buying, mobile marketing, data consulting, performance marketing, out of home advertising, geolocal targeting, and social media. Havas goes beyond media planning to create meaningful Media Experiences that connect audiences with desired content, aligning KPIs and measuring impact through their unique Mx System, all aimed at building more meaningful brands. Learn more at Havas Group Mexico’s Linkedin.

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