Case Studies / Success with Skai

Global Video Game Brand’s Revenue Surges By 511% With Amazon Advertising And Skai

511 %
Revenue Growth
274 %
Click Volume Growth
211 %
Impression Volume Growth

Challenge: Optimizing Manual Campaigns at scale

With Automatic Campaigns, Amazon automatically identifies and bids on keywords based on many factors including a product’s category, description, and related products. With Manual Campaigns, advertisers hand pick all keywords and manually bid against each one.

Manually optimizing keyword-level bids across dozens to hundreds of products is painfully time consuming and error prone. The team at a global video game brand turned to Skai Ecommerce to save time and make the most of Manual Campaigns.

Solution: Automated alerts and bid changes for underperforming keywords

Harnessing machine learning and predictive AI, Amazon provides valuable suggestions for keyword-level bids. However, these suggestions need to be reviewed manually and bids need to be updated by hand. If bids aren’t updated to meet Amazon’s suggestions, the advertiser runs the risk of falling behind the competition and losing share.

The global video game brand leveraged Skai’s automation suite to drive operational efficiency and to streamline time-consuming workflows. With Skai’s Automated Actions, they configured automated email notifications to be sent whenever a keyword’s bid fell below Amazon’s minimum suggested bid. In addition, they setup automated bid increases to maintain competitiveness for keywords that dropped below Amazon’s suggested bid range.


Skai’s Automated Actions helped the global video game brand save time optimizing keyword-level bids at scale. By ensuring that bids always met or exceeded Amazon’s recommended threshold, they were able to strengthen share and grow sales. Since onboarding to Skai, the brand’s average daily Revenue surged by 511%, while Click and Impression volume increased by 274% and 211%, respectively.