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Reprise Digital nearly triples ROI with Skai’s support for Walmart’s advanced second-price auction

Performance data

May 9, 2022 – June 5, 2022 vs. June 5, 2022 – July 4, 2022
*Second Price Auction Model launched on Walmart June 5, 2022

Revenue increased by


ROI increased by


Cost decreased by


Cost-per-Click decreased by


Clicks increased by


Conversions increased by


Impressions increased by



Brands continuously search for cost-effective ways to expand their retail media footprints. And, bid and budget optimization is a crucial component in achieving greater marketing cost-effectiveness. The measuring of successes and opportunities is equally important.

Reprise Digital was seeking to achieve the highest ROI possible for its client, Foundation Consumer Healthcare. They had been running ad campaigns on a variety of retailers but needed to hone in on the optimal mix and highest performance.

With Walmart’s first-price auctions, Reprise was limited in scaling as campaigns often resulted in high CPCs, which led to lower ROAS.


Skai Client Success Team partnered with Reprise Digital to monitor ongoing channel performance for Walmart in the weeks following the switch to the second-price auction model. The partnership allowed for continued optimization and scalable success for the FCH brands on Walmart Connect.

The move by Walmart to operate under a second-price auction puts relevancy at the center of which products get displayed, giving advertisers the confidence to bid aggressively. This auction model paired with Skai’s machine learning optimization algorithms helps advertisers maximize budgets and yield unparalleled results.

Skai fully supports Walmart’s advanced second-price auction with campaign creation and management flows, as well as the unrivaled automated bid optimization that drives down CPCs and boosts scale and reach.

Skai’s second-price auction optimization algorithms learn from campaign performance to automatically drive the lowest possible CPCs at the greatest scale. Optimization takes many data points into consideration in order to guide campaigns to achieve top results.

The Experiments feature from Skai was continuously employed to monitor and measure successes and opportunities within the Walmart Connect campaign. Skai Experiments create a pre/post test to compare campaigns’ performance before and after a change is made. The rich visual reporting combined with custom metrics allowed Reprise to fully understand the whole picture of how data points compared over time periods. With this level of campaign performance intelligence, the right optimizations could be put in place to augment ROI.


The new auction model did indeed prove to be a game-changer for Foundation Consumer Healthcare. In a short period of time, CPCs fell more than 70%, which led to a massive 190.9% increase in ROI.

“Leveraging Skai’s Experiments proved invaluable in identifying huge successes with our client after Walmart’s move to second-price auction. We realized huge drops in our CPCs, significantly catapulting our ROI.”

Deidre Drewes
Director of eCommerce Media, Reprise Digital

About Foundation Consumer Healthcare

Formed in 2014, Foundation Consumer Healthcare is dedicated to improving consumers’ lives by developing and growing a portfolio of differentiated over-the-counter products. Foundation’s management team includes industry experts, entrepreneurs, and innovators with unmatched experience in the development, marketing, and commercialization of prescription and non-prescription medicines.

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