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Vishvos and Happy Egg increase ROAS and digital shelf presence with Skai’s cross-channel retail media strategy

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  • As competition in online grocery increases so does the complexity of reaching the consumer.
  • Happy Egg, an egg company challenging the status quo, faced multiple challenges as a premium brand in a value category. It was struggling to establish its brand presence across multiple retailers and drive sales through paid search efforts. Vishvos, Happy Egg’s e-commerce strategy agency, was tasked with creating and capturing demand.


  • Vishvos partnered with Skai to execute a cross-channel retail media strategy in an effort to increase Happy Egg’s market share, digital shelf presence, and ROAS. Skai, powered by the AWS platform, provided streamlined cross-channel management and offered continuous real-time optimization.
  • Instead of focusing solely on increasing ROAS, the approach was to maintain cost per acquisition (CPA) while continuing to invest in additional retail media platforms (Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Instacart) until hitting diminished returns.
  • The first test was to apply this retail media optimization strategy to a single retailer for 120 days. Due to the overwhelmingly positive results, Happy Egg consolidated the entirety of its retail media budget into Skai. 
  • Managing all of Happy Egg’s retail media campaigns within Skai also reduced operational complexity for Vishvos by working with one single vendor.
  • Skai’s reporting and insights allowed the team to track real-time performance in a side-by-side view across retailers, giving Vishvos the insight needed to keep ROAS in check.
  • Skai’s Bulk Budget Actions and Budget Optimization tags empowered Vishvos with the flexibility to easily adjust ad spend across multiple retailers and the efficiency to maximize ROAS.


Happy Egg, Organic and Free-Range carton of eggs

Vishvos broke the share of the voice glass ceiling in online grocery for a premium product in a value category. Vishvos secured a longer digital shelf presence than any of its competitors. Share of search grew from single digits to double digits in a matter of months. Additionally, the CPA was lowered and ROAS increased.

“Vishvos first started working with Skai eight years ago. In this time we’ve been able to scale our business across multiple channels and retailers while reaching a new level of efficiency that would never have been possible without the partnership with Skai. As new retailers come into the mix, we know we can count on Skai’s expertise and technology to take Vishvos to the next level.”

Matt McClanahan, Founder, Vishvos

About Vishvos

Vishvos is a trusted ecommerce execution and strategy firm. Experience matched with profound curiosity and foresight enables them to see around corners helping clients achieve their goals. The more a business relationship moves from transactional work to true collaborative partnership, the better the work and the better the business. This relationship, a founding principle of Vishvos, is what takes a brand from good to great and is the cornerstone of marketing.

About Happy Egg

Happy Egg has pioneered what free-range farming could and should look like. They are breaking the status quo and flipping the egg industry on its head by meeting people (that’s you!) where they are, making eggs for their ever-changing, sometimes weird, and often meh-filled lives. Their unique and beautiful hen breeds and specialized, custom feeds coupled with their top-of-the-line Free Range farming standards lead to a better egg for you; a Happier Egg, if you will. Happy means Better in eggs.

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