LaserAway and Skai Success

25 %
Holiday Season Revenue
38 %


Established in 2006, LaserAway is the nation’s leading medical spa specializing in laser hair removal and aesthetics services. The company currently has 40 locations in five states and plans to aggressively expand their service footprint over the next several years. While social media marketing has helped drive growth to this point, in order to support its ambitious plans, LaserAway needs to turn up the dial on this program. Enter Skai Social with the extra burst of power to amplify their paid social efforts.

The Right Tools

LaserAway took full advantage of the robust capabilities within the Skai Social platform. By utilizing the Personas feature, the team saved time identifying and replicating their best-performing audiences across campaigns and social platforms. Automated Actions allowed LaserAway to control ad serving, to both combat ad fatigue and manage spend. Their biggest win, however, came from the Skai Social A/B testing capabilities, which allowed LaserAway to split test their landing pages to zero in on the right message for every campaign. Best of all, LaserAway was able to measure the success of all these capabilities, with direct attribution to offline KPIs, by tying in their own business intelligence data.

A Smooth Success

With the help of Skai Social, LaserAway turned what was normally its quietest time of year into a record-setting holiday season. Almost immediately after onboarding, the LaserAway team was able to shave 38% off its acquisition costs, and two months later hit record conversions for November and December. As a result, revenues for that time period were 25% above projections.


  • Scale paid social campaigns to support expansion plans

  • Boost sluggish holiday season revenue

  • Improve CPA


  • Personas
  • A/B Testing
  • Automated Actions
  • Creative Templates
  • Conversion Columns
  • Bulk Bid Management
  • Data Integration
  • Creative Manager


  • 25% Increase in holiday season revenue
  • 38% decrease in CPA

Skai Social allowed us to scale our paid social campaigns and find the winning combinations of ad creative and audience—something that simply is not possible within native tools alone. Having the ability to pull everything into one platform that offered the reporting and optimization tools we needed allowed us to get a holistic view of our program and fine-tune efforts throughout the conversion funnel.

Paul Baumgarthuber, Chief Marketing Officer, LaserAway