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Leading Aggregator of Amazon FBA Seller Brands Saves Time and Money with Skai’s Search Term Analysis Tools

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One of the world’s largest aggregators of Amazon FBA seller brands faced intense pressure to drive profitability from its investments in Amazon Ads. This was a difficult task for its lean performance marketing team who manages advertising for the aggregator’s international portfolio of more than 50 consumer goods companies. They knew that the only way to achieve the margins expected of them was to focus on driving efficiencies quickly. This included analyzing search term data to weed out the keywords that would likely consume valuable advertising budgets without returning a dime.

With more than 2 million keywords across multiple languages under management, the volume of search term data available for analysis was massive. Downloading the data alone was a manual task that took multiple hours each week. Then, consolidating the data from across all ad accounts within Excel took even more valuable time. Once the data was downloaded and consolidated, the chore of analyzing the thousands of rows of raw search term data was time consuming and difficult.

The team sought technology to help scale their approach to search term analysis.


Skai simplifies, streamlines, and automates the process of downloading, consolidating, and analyzing search terms. This helps Amazon and retail media performance marketing teams use search term data to identify and cut out waste faster.

Skai leverages machine learning and AI to cull through large volumes of data to recommend negative keywords. Instead of manually analyzing thousands of rows of raw search term data, the aggregator’s team simply reviewed and approved dozens of automatically categorized negative keyword recommendations, ranked in order of estimated program impact.

Skai’s search term analysis tools helped the aggregator’s team uncover and eliminate waste more efficiently and effectively than ever before. The time saved is now used to evaluate broader and more strategic refinements to the overall keyword structure.


Skai’s search term analysis tools helped the aggregator’s team work smarter and faster, increasing ROAS by 11% and saving more than 20 hours per week.

“Skai’s Search Term Analysis is like having a high-tech detector within a minefield to help us identify and eliminate danger. Before we had to download hundreds of reports and use Excel, requiring at least 20 hours each week. Skai saves us endless time and money.”

Co-head of Amazon Advertising at a leading aggregator of Amazon FBA seller brands

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