Your guide to digital marketing terminology

In an industry that’s always evolving, it’s not easy to keep up with the latest terms and abbreviations. Our glossary has you covered.

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Apple Search Ad (ASA)

Targeted advertisement that appears when consumers search for products in the Apple App Store.

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Amazon Targeting

A type of ad targeting for use with Amazon’s Sponsored Display and Sponsored Products. Both Sponsored Display and Sponsored Products allow brands to customize ad information that displays at key locations in relevant search results.

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Amazon Advertising Strategy

Allows retail media companies to serve targeted ads to their customers on one of the largest ecommerce marketplaces in the world and is based on the pay-per-click (PPC) model.

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Bid Optimization

Process of setting the price of bids for paid search advertisements at different levels for different entities identified via better bidding to achieve maximum ROI on advertising.

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Cross-Channel Advertising

Using multiple advertising channels to enhance the impact of marketing efforts across the funnel. Involves targeting the intended audience with consistent brand messaging across more than one channel to improve conversions.

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Limiting ad purchases to specific days and times of the day. This strategy helps ensure that you can reach your target audience at the times they search and shop without burning through your budget too quickly at the wrong times of day.

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Demand-Side Platform (DSP)

A type of software that allows an advertiser to buy ads programmatically or with the help of automation. DSPs allow advertisers to buy high quality traffic at scale with minimal friction.

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Ecommerce Advertising

A method of creating top-of-funnel awareness of an online store and products. The goal is to generate website traffic and new customer acquisition through paid placements on third-party platforms, either by targeting new prospects or retargeting those who have expressed interest.

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Facebook Advertising

A social media platform that sells advertising space where marketers can reach 2 billion users with highly relevant ads that match their behaviors and interests.

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Google Ads Match Types

A way to target search ads to the phrases and keywords people are searching for on Google’s search engine. The three types are broad match, phrase match, and exact match.

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Hybrid Customer

A blend of two consumer types, in-person and digital, that prefers a physical shopping experience some of the time but is also comfortable shopping online. They often move seamlessly between the two throughout a single purchase journey.


Instacart Advertising

Advertisements on the Instacart mobile app. Advertisers run featured product ads, non-search ads, and specials/promotions.

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Incrementality Testing

A measurement method where a marketer makes a specific change to a Test Group, as opposed to the Control Group, in order to determine the incremental value of a marketing strategy or tactic. The method is a popular alternative to using cookies and consumer data tracking.

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The most popular programming language used for website development. It’s relatively easy to learn, and marketers often add tracking codes and for data collection to understand the performance of campaigns.


KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

Measurable values used to track progress toward a specific goal or objective. Within digital marketing, common KPIs include web traffic, leads, cost per lead, conversion rate, click-through rate, customer acquisition cost, and more.


LinkedIn Advertising

A paid digital marketing tactic that allows companies to reach and nurture target audiences by serving ads on the business-focused social media platform.

Lookalike Percentage

Determines how closely your lookalike audience will resemble an original group of users. A lower percentage will result in a more homogeneous audience; a larger percentage leads to a broader audience.

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Mobile Marketing

A crucial avenue for reaching target audiences on devices like smartphones and tablets through tactics like SMS, email, social media, and mobile app advertising.


Native Advertising

A type of paid advertising where the ads mix seamlessly with the editorial content, like a news outlet with sponsored article by a brand alongside regular content, or YouTube sponsored video ads appearing alongside content in the feed.


Open Web

The public side of the internet where all users can participate and contribute rather than being controlled by gatekeepers or government regulation.


PPC Advertising

The pricing model favored by most search engines. The advertiser agrees to pay a set amount for each time a user clicks on the advertised link.


Quality Score

The way paid search ad platforms “rate” ad content, which directly impacts the price per click and price per conversion within each respective platform.


Retail Media

Advertising clearly labeled products directly on a retailer’s website, designed to reach consumers where they’re shopping.

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Search Advertising  

A marketing technique that displays paid ads in relevant search results based on search queries for the advertiser’s desired keywords. Advertisers bid on search terms through a pay-per-click (PPC) method.

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Test and Learn

A conversion rate optimization process in which all changes and investments are hypotheses that are tested. A test-and-learn culture designs experiments, observes the results, and makes decisions based on findings.

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User Acquisition

Obtaining new mobile app users through digital marketing. Similar to lead generation, wherein an app developer creates a strategy that uses data to craft effective strategies to gain new users.



Organizations that serve a specific niche, such as healthcare, cybersecurity, or manufacturing. Companies in the same vertical often compete with one another. Advertisers typically employ different strategies to reach different verticals, aligning their strategy with their customers’ unique needs.


Walmart Advertising

Purchasing search, display, and in-store ads via Walmart Connect for products to be displayed on

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Walled Garden Advertising

A type of advertising where the owner of the publishing platform has total control over the tech, the reporting, and the serving and tracking of the content that users have access to. Walled gardens can collect large amounts of data on users, which is used to target potential customers.


XML Sitemap

A file used to make a website’s pages crawlable by search engines. While most pages get crawled automatically via backlinks, this isn’t always the case. An XML sitemap ensures that search engines are crawling the pages that you want them to and, inversely, allows you to exclude any pages that you might want to keep off of search results, like content kept behind gated pages.


YouTube Advertising

Pay-for-placement advertising on Youtube, an online video-sharing social platform. Ad buys include videos, banners, or text, and can be shown pre-video, displayed while video plays, or off to the side of the page. Ad buys are only possible through Google Ads.


Zero-click Queries

Occurs when a search result to the answer to a user’s query is displayed on the results page. With the answer being shown on the results page itself, the user does not need to click into any search result.

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