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LaserAway achieves 20% CPA improvement with Skai’s Segment Asset Customization

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With more than 30 geolocations, aesthetic dermatology company LaserAway had a very complex Facebook Advertising campaign structure due to the nature of targeting store locations by ZIP code. This led to many campaigns, ad sets, and ads to allow for the customization of creative based on geo. It also created challenges in ad tracking due to the sheer volume of ads and room for user error when doing this manually. Additionally, LaserAway was looking for a way to easily personalize images, videos, and text on the creative by geo in order to address users in specific locations.


Skai’s Segment Asset Customization (SAC) tool within its Paid Social solution allowed LaserAway to personalize its creative and copy based on geolocation without sacrificing reach. SAC allows users to balance ad relevance and audience size by serving the right creative to the right cohort of users within a particular audience. Because of this added flexibility, the team was able to consolidate and simplify the campaign structure.

Additionally, SAC allows the use of bulksheets, so the LaserAway team could continue to use its preferred workflow of creating and editing existing ads with bulksheets. They were also able to seamlessly apply tracking in bulk using Skai’s Build URL, which saved time and eliminated the possibility of human error. Lastly, using Skai’s Creative Manager, the team was able to select the existing images and videos, and seamlessly integrate them into the SAC bulksheet creation process.


By using Skai’s Segment Asset Customization, LaserAway decreased CPAs by 20% when comparing SAC versus non-SAC ads.

“With Skai’s solutions for paid social, we were able to find major efficiencies and performance improvements while also perfecting our ability to personalize ad creatives and improve relevancy.”

Paul Baumgarthuber
Chief Marketing Officer, LaserAway

About LaserAway

LaserAway takes pride in individualized care for each patient. Unlike med spas or even medical dermatology offices where everyone gets the same old laser treatment, they offer customized aesthetic dermatology procedures tailored to each patient’s individual needs to ensure that the care they receive is perfect for them.

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