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Fortune 500 pharma company increases revenue and ROI on Target with Skai’s Automated Actions and Experiments

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  • Winning market share at highly trafficked e-retailers is a constant challenge for brands across categories.
  • When it came to advertising two of its brands on Target, the pharmaceutical client was missing out on a majority of traffic: 64% and 71% week over week, respectively. 
  • Together the client’s Retail Search Team and Skai’s Expert Services Team analyzed the Target ad performance to determine the issue. Ads for both brands were maxing out in the early morning and were not active during peak shopping hours, missing out on valuable customer traffic.


  • Skai and the client resolved to ensure both brands’ ads were live during peak shopping hours to ensure the ads would perform efficiently for revenue, ROAS, CTR, and CPC.
  • By leveraging Automated Actions, Skai implemented a solution not yet available in the native Criteo platform: dayparting.
  • Before investing all ad spend in one time window, Skai used its Experiments feature to test two versions of the campaign and ad groups consecutively. The set up was easy, and the Experiments dashboard streamlined performance analysis.


  • Skai and the client identified the most efficient dayparting time window, resulting in stronger relevancy, higher ad revenue, and increased return on investment for both brands.
  • These significant improvements gave Skai’s client the confidence to adopt this strategy across additional brands on Target. 

“Without Skai’s Automated Actions, our clients would be in the dark during peak shopping hours, missing tons of sales.”

Kelly Fogt, Director, Commerce Expert Services

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