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Epitaph slashes CPLs with Skai’s Bid Multipliers tool for Facebook

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Media agency Epitaph was tasked with running multiple lead generation campaigns targeted at restaurant decision-makers for its global food service company client. Given the niche audience size, the client was facing increasing costs per lead (CPL), limited scale, and difficulty optimizing and garnering true performance learnings.


To address the increasing CPLs, drive more efficient performance, and allocate spend toward its strongest audiences, Epitaph leveraged Skai’s Bid Multipliers. Bid Multipliers are an API-only solution that allows users to create a single ad set targeting a broad audience and then assign different bid values to reflect the true value of each segment.

After analyzing lead conversion reporting and seeing that greater performance was coming from male users, Epitaph strategically bid higher on the male segment and lower on the female segment. By implementing Bid Multipliers, Epitaph was able to maintain efficiency within the same ad set and dedicate more budget to the stronger performing male audience. Using this unique Skai API-only solution, the team produced the lowest CPL and cost per acquisition (CPA) compared to native, retargeting, and traditional lookalike audiences.


Over a two-week period, Epitaph saw an astounding 40% lower CPL overall, a 47% lower CPL specifically for women, and 17% lower CPL for men when applying Bid Multipliers.

“Using Skai’s API-only Bid Multipliers tool allowed us to gain efficiencies and drastically improve performance.”

Meghan Lingard
Digital Performance Specialist, Epitaph

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