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Pharmaceutical Brand increases Amazon Ads ROAS by 22% using Skai’s AI Dayparting and Intraday Reports


A pharmaceutical client approached Skai with a business challenge of improving the ROI on their Amazon search ads. They were seeing a plateau in ROAS and were looking to reach more relevant and qualified Amazon shoppers while reducing ad spend. Their existing approach lacked the sophistication needed to effectively target the right shoppers and optimize bids at the right times of the day.


To address their challenge, Skai recommended they implement the newest Skai-unique feature: AI Dayparting, an AI optimization tool powered by Amazon Marketing Stream (Stream), Amazon’s recent beta. The feature’s easy-to-read charts and AI recommendations gain the client the insight to ensure they were scheduled ads during the best times of day, the times in which their qualified shoppers were most engaged and likely to make a purchase.

Additionally, the client leveraged Skai’s Intraday Reports, which is also powered by Stream, to gain hourly detailed performance insights. The client was able to leverage these real-time insights to understand which keywords were driving the most conversions. They were able to adjust their keyword bid strategy accordingly, then automated the optimization for efficient spending with Advanced Automated Actions.


With Skai’s Stream tools, AI Dayparting and Intraday Reports, the Pharmaceutical client broke through their performance plateau and hit their business goals.

The client saw significant improvements in their Amazon search ad performance. Over a six-week period, their ROAS increased by 22% and ad-attributed revenue increased by 49%.

The tools proved instrumental in providing the proper insights to improve the client’s performance. With these insights the client could schedule ads for optimal reach, optimize keyword bidding, and automate these changes for efficiency gains.

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