The Power of SKAI

AI isn’t just in our name — it’s in our DNA. Since 2006 Skai™ has leveraged proprietary AI-based technologies to enable team productivity and award-winning algorithmic capabilities for marketers. Now, with advancements in Generative AI we are leading the way in leveraging the hottest technology around for practical use.

AI-powered campaign insights

Search Term Analysis

Uncover wasted spend on low-performing keyword trends in an instant.

Trending Products

Never miss an opportunity with automatic alerts when products trend up or down.

Creative Insights

Understand the specific creative elements driving performance.

Creative Center

A central location to streamline analysis and reporting of creatives across channels.

AI-automated activation and optimization

Advanced Automated Actions

Manage multiple automated actions in a single, more efficient workflow.

AI Dayparting

Run ads at peak shopping times to increase conversions and maximize your budget.

Portfolio Optimization

Manage millions of keywords with optimized bids to reach an overall portfolio goal.

Intent Driven Messaging

Create ads that better reflect what consumers are searching for—no writing necessary.

AI-driven planning and measurement

Budget Navigator

A “what-if” forecasting engine to uncover investment opportunities and guide budget allocation.

Attribution Forecasting

Overcome data delays with estimated campaign performance data.

Impact Navigator

In-platform incrementality testing of your performance media to uncover real impact and drive growth.

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