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Novamex Drives Instacart Advertising Success with FUEL Partnerships & Skai


For Novamex and their agency FUEL Partnerships, advertising through Instacart was unchartered territory. While the potential to drive meaningful impact was promising, neither team had any significant direct experience scaling Instacart Advertising success.


The teams turned to Skai’s expertise and enterprise platform, powered by AWS, to develop and execute an Instacart Advertising strategy that would exceed Novamex’s goals.

First, the Skai team fully restructured the brand’s campaigns and ad groups to provide greater control over critical optimization levers. This provided them the ability to test many bidding and budgeting tactics with precision, then home in on a winning approach.

Next, they turned their attention to Novamex’s keyword mix. They analyzed historical data to weed out keywords that dragged down performance, then expanded upon themes that actually drove results.

Finally, the team leveraged Skai’s enterprise-grade analytics to monitor real-time performance with ease. In particular, Analysis Grid was used to track progress towards KPIs, including Basket Penetration within the Soft Drink category.


The collaboration between Novamex, FUEL Partnerships, and Skai resulted in a performance lift across KPIs, exceeding all expectations. Sales volume grew by 20% and Basket Penetration increased by 28%—all during winter months when soft drink demand is generally low.

About Novamex

Novamex markets a variety of Mexican food and beverage brands including Jarritos, Sidral Mundet, Sangria Señorial; each brand being a leader in its category in Mexico and widely recognized by Mexican-American consumers in the US. Novamex owns most brands and distribution rights to the remaining brands in the US through partnerships, and long-term distribution contracts. The company was founded in 1987 with its founder’s vision to offer its products to families in the United States. Novamex’s success is due to a wide knowledge of its consumers’ preferences and a philosophy of investing in brands for the long-term through a fully integrated marketing strategy for its ever-evolving consumer.

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About FUEL Partnerships

FUEL Partnerships is an industry-leading Retail Marketing agency that delivers the right strategy and expertise to ensure your product gets off the shelf and into the shopper’s cart.  They offer strategic marketing planning, custom retail activation, retailtainment, and partnerships that come to life through big ideas to elevate and accelerate your brand growth.

FUEL ensures your brand will win with the right retail strategy, win with the merchant and win at the shelf.  They use a Tactic Agnostic approach to ensure that each retail marketing plan optimizes the right tools to engage shoppers and drive your brand’s sales.  They believe that Marketing’s only purpose is to drive transactions and their programming and execution focuses on this philosophy for every FUEL client.

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Higher Sales


Higher Basket Penetration

“FUEL Partnerships is excited to partner with Skai to manage Instacart Ad Spends for our CPG clients. Skai’s platform & extensive knowledge of the e-comm space is key to generating greater awareness & transactions for brands in today’s competitive digital landscape & reach consumers when they are ready to purchase!”

Erik D. Rosenstrauch, President & CEO, FUEL Partnerships

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