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GroupM and Hill’s Pet Nutrition see revenue and ROAS soar on Amazon Japan with Skai’s Amazon Portfolio


Hill’s Pet Nutrition set out to win Amazon Japan’s digital shelf. But, increasing its share of voice and seeing growth across the brand’s multiple sub-brands proved difficult, time-consuming, and manually-intensive. Hill’s Pet Nutrition was only seeing slight differences in customer engagement and market share increases. Additionally the team struggled with the manual day-to-day optimizations necessary to scale. The brand needed help moving the needle  for its multiple sub-brands and hundreds of products.


Hill’s Pet Nutrition partnered with the local GroupM ecommerce team, who are always looking ahead and utilizing the latest possible solutions. Together, they turned to Skai to help maximize results and outpace the competition.

The GroupM team worked closely with​ Skai to leverage Amazon portfolio’s algorithmic optimizations to better manage bids. Once they had a better understanding of the algorithmic bidding and the relationship of keywords, bidding, margins, and performance, the team layered in Automated Actions to handle the repetitive tasks across multiple campaigns. This combination of products helped increase the performance on individual ​campaigns and alleviated time spent on manual ad ops, allowing the team to focus their efforts more on growth strategy for the client.


Set up diligently according to Hill’s Pet Nutrition’s business goals, Skai helped scale operations and results. Alongside Skai, GroupM was able to grow Hill’s Pet Nutrition’s share of voice, while simultaneously growing revenue year over year by 89% and achieve a ROAS improvement of 39%.

Performance Data

On Amazon Japan, year-over-year results from Q1 2020 vs. Q1 2021 included:


Revenue Growth


ROAS improvement

Increase in Share of Voice

“Skai was the key optimization tool which helped us achieve these results. The automated bidding and automated rules alleviated much of the manual ad operations work, allowing us to focus more on ecommerce strategy.”

Peter McFarlane, E-Commerce Manager, GroupM

“Skai has been not only an effective tool but a partner going the extra mile to help us achieve our goals.”

Sam Gallagher, Associate Director, eCommerce, Hill’s Pet Nutrition

About Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Founded more than 75 years ago with an unwavering commitment to pet nutrition, Hill’s mission is to help enrich and lengthen the special relationships between people and their pets. The right nutrition combined with the devotion of veterinary professionals can transform the lives of pets; and healthier and happier pets can transform the lives of pet parents. Hill’s is dedicated to pioneering research and groundbreaking nutrition for dogs and cats based on a scientific understanding of their specific needs. Hill’s Prescription Diet therapeutic pet foods and Hill’s Science Diet wellness pet foods are sold through veterinarians and pet specialty retailers worldwide. For more information about Hill’s, our products, and our nutritional philosophy, visit us at,, or on Facebook @HillsPet.

About GroupM

GroupM is the world’s leading media investment company responsible for more than $50 billion in annual media investment through agencies Mindshare, MediaCom, Wavemaker, Essence, and m/SIX, as well as the outcomes-driven programmatic audience company, Xaxis. GroupM’s portfolio includes Data & Technology (Choreograph), Investment, and Services, all united in the vision to shape the next era of media where advertising works better for people. By leveraging all the benefits of scale, the company innovates, differentiates, and generates sustained value for our clients wherever they do business. Discover more about GroupM at

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