Win across all retailers and marketplaces

Unify your cross-retailer program in one platform fueled by intelligence to automate, optimize, and scale your performance.

Keep up with the ecommerce boom with Skai’s™ unique capabilities

Fuel your retail media program with omnichannel insights, holistic measurement, actionable data, and comprehensive reporting. With Skai, you can put your customer at the center of your strategy, dominate the digital shelf, and win in this competitive landscape.

Plus all the essentials

Ad scheduling & dayparting
Advanced dashboards & reporting
AMC & DSP support
Brand insights & share of voice
Budget pacing & monitoring
Bulk actions
Cross-channel signals
Custom metrics & reporting
Dimensions & categories
Keyword harvesting
Negative keyword management
Rule-based automation
Single platform sign on

Explore deep integrations with the 60+ global retailers we support

Leading brands and agencies trust Skai

“Skai brings together all of the retailers that matter most to us, in one place, helping our teams organize, analyze, and optimize how we engage shoppers across Amazon, Walmart, Target, Instacart, and so many others.”

Krishna Patel
Ecommerce Operation Analyst, Chomps

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“Skai truly serves as our ‘one-stop-shop’ for all learnings and optimizations.”

Mark McCullen
Paid Search Manager, Danone via Wavemaker

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“Partnering with Skai gave us access to the most advanced keyword harvesting and budget optimization solutions out there, helping us to scale VTech’s revenue and ROAS with Amazon Advertising.”

Ryan Bocken
Associate Director of Commerce, Empower

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“Skai’s Portfolio Bid Optimizations, Dimensions, and Portfolios were critical in executing efficient DSP and Sponsored Ads campaigns enabling us to lift ROAS to 461%.”

Matt Strietelmeier
Director, Amazon Advertising, Stella Rising

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