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BETC Havas Increased Orders by 30% and Reduced CPA by 18% for TIM with Skai’s Budget Navigator and Portfolios


TIM, one of the largest telecommunications companies in Brazil, sought to enhance the profitability of its Search campaigns. TIM’s agency, BETC Havas, identified Paid Search as its most effective source for lead generation. The challenge was to increase the volume of new, high-quality leads while maintaining CPA.


BETC Havas turned to Skai’s optimization tools to determine the optimal budget strategy for TIM’s lead generation campaigns. Using Budget Navigator, BETC Havas simulated various scenarios by increasing the budget to forecast different investment outcomes. After identifying the preferred budget strategy, BETC Havas leveraged Portfolios to group campaigns based on CPA objectives, allowing Skai’s algorithm to make the necessary adjustments to achieve the goal.


Skai’s Portfolio and Budget Navigator helped BETC Havas improve TIM’s the profitability of its Search campaigns by increasing volume and not just maintaining but reducing CPA. TIM saw a 30% increase in orders and an 18% improvement in CPA.

BETC Havas continues to leverage these features to forecast its investment results to make better decisions for Search marketing strategy, and to to optimize bids and budgets for optimal performance.

“Skai enabled us to forecast our optimal budget strategy and automate optimizations, resulting in highly effective Search campaigns. This not only boosted our lead generation but also reduced our CPA.”

Vinícius Latorraca
Media Manager, BETC Havas

About TIM

TIM is an Italian telecommunications company that has its subsidiary TIM Brasil operating in Brazil since 1998. TIM provides fixed-line, mobile, and broadband services and it is the largest mobile phone operator in Brazil, with over 50 million subscribers. The company is also a major provider of fixed-line and broadband services, with over 10 million subscribers. TIM Brasil is headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil, and has over 20,000 employees.

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About BETC Havas

Betc Havas is a leading advertising agency in Brazil. The agency is part of the Havas Group, one of the world’s largest communications groups. Betc Havas provides a full range of advertising services, including creative, media, and digital. The agency is headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil, and has over 500 employees.

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