Case Studies / Electronics Brand Increases Amazon Advertising Conversions

Fortune 50 Consumer Electronics Brand Increases Amazon Advertising Conversions By 467% With Skai

467 %
Conversions Increase
405 %
Revenue Increase
60 %
CPA Decrease


Amazon’s Advertising console proved to be a challenging environment for a Fortune 50 Consumer Electronics brand. Strict CPA thresholds made it difficult for their agency team to maximize sales, while driving revenue growth. Another challenge was the immense effort required to scale performance across multiple Amazon marketplaces. With Amazon’s Advertising console, the team needed to manually optimize across several separate accounts. This was time consuming and complex to manage during peak periods like Prime Day, while being limited on insights and efficiencies. They turned to Skai for help managing the brand’s Amazon campaigns at scale.


The team crafted a winning strategy harnessing Skai’s holistic solutions to seamlessly scale the brand’s campaigns across multiple Amazon marketplaces.

Skai Ecommerce’s rules-based Automated Actions helped reduce the manual effort required to optimize Sponsored Product keyword bids towards strict CPA targets. This saved them valuable time which was utilized in building a best-in-class, granular account structure and then supercharged with Skai’s technology which was continuously improved with performance in mind.

In an effort to further boost performance, they leveraged Skai Ecommerce’s Bid to ROI Optimization to harness powerful machine learning algorithms and automatically maximize ROI. Skai’s algorithmic clustering predicts the performance of keywords based on their historic data.


Thanks to Skai’s powerful tools, the team was able to save time by streamlining workflows and driving efficiencies. This freed them up to focus on driving performance, yielding impressive results. Conversions jumped 467% and revenue spiked 405%. On top of that, CPA decreased by 60%.