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Skai does not Monetize your personal information.

However, in some circumstances we do allow some third-party partners to collect certain personal information. By disclosing your personal information to our partners, we’re able to tailor Skai offers, ads and content to your preferences and provide you with the best experience we can, as you browse our and other websites. Under some US State Privacy Laws, this might be considered selling or sharing of your Personal Information because it involves cross-context behavioral advertising, or targeted promotions.

You can request that we do not sell or share your personal information by opting out by using the toggle below.

For more information about the way we use your personal information, please see the Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy.

To opt out, please move the toggle to the left and click save.

At any time you can decide to change your mind and allow us to share your information by using the toggle and save your preferences.

Please note that your opt-out will be specific to the browser and/or device you are using to make this request. If you use a new browser or device to access the site, please submit a new request to re-apply your opt-out choice.

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