Efficient Conversion at Scale

44 %

Mindshare, a global media agency network, manages successful search and ecommerce programs for their CPG client, Kimberly-Clark and their many brands such as Huggies, Kleenex, and Depend. Kimberly-Clark looks to Mindshare to improve cross-channel performance, widen brand awareness, increase revenue and scale their presence online.  The two advertising solutions they focus on are Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and Google search campaigns, all while keeping the right investment mix across these key channels.

The Challenge in Ecommerce

For Kimberly-Clark, managing its Amazon Marketing Services program required detailed insights and reporting into product activity at the campaign and ASIN (products) level, in addition to sophisticated budget optimizations to ensure the best performance across Kimberly-Clark’s many product ads. Additionally, the Kimberly-Clark ecommerce program was vast, and the Mindshare team needed to scale their AMS campaigns quickly in order to also focus on strategic decisions about the brands and products Kimberly-Clark provides – to yield the ad results they desired.

A Scalable, Efficient Solution

As a solution, the Mindshare team decided to leverage Skai to help manage the complexities of their Retail Media program, since they had also been successfully using Skai for Paid Search for Kimberly-Clark’s product campaigns. With Skai, Mindshare was able to quickly manage and optimize campaign activity at scale, gaining crucial cross-campaign visibility into campaign and keyword data in custom time frames – consistently and on a daily basis.

Along with enhanced insights and data analysis, Skai’s product-level reporting helped uncover even deeper insights into product activity, revealing which products were ineligible for advertising (for example – not winning ad auctions) and for what reason.  This gave Mindshare a new opportunity to optimize and focus on the best performing ASINs, leading to strategic program recommendations that aligned with Kimberly-Clark’s goals.

Driving RoAS, Driving Results

Skai delivered uplifting results for Kimberly-Clark’s brands, continually beating initial goals. After only two months leveraging Skai’s campaign management and automation capabilities, the Mindshare team was able to effectively scale the operation while continually yielding a 44% increase in return on ad spend (RoAS).


By leveraging Skai’s automation capabilities, the Mindshare team was able to spend time perfecting its ad strategies for the account and continuously drove improved results for their client.

In addition, the Mindshare team is thrilled to be running both Kimberly-Clark’s Search and the Retail Media program in the Skai platform. Consolidating their business in Skai helps provide a critical cross-channel view of product activity and a balance of ad investment across Amazon and Google that directly contributes to increased efficiencies and product performance.


  • Widen Brand Awareness
  • Increase Revenue
  • Scale Presence Online


  • Skai Ecommerce
  • Manage and optimize campaign activity at scale
  • Cross-campaign visibility
  • Daily and custom campaign and keyword data
  • Product-level reporting


  • 44% Increase in RoAS

Partnering with Skai to help design an elegant technology solution to an obstacle our teams have experienced, has further opened the door to more efficiently manage Amazon Marketing Services buys…and with Skai’s search and social data as a gauge, potential visibility with this new solution is undeniable.

Clint Armstrong, Sr. Partner, Group Director, Search & Social at Mindshare